Some blogging inspiration!

People ask me a lot about my decision to just quit my job and see the beautiful people and places all around the world.

A lot of my inspiration came from reading other bloggers and their exotic pictures from South America, Europe, and all over the world.

Here is a brief list of some of the guys with their blogs who got me excited about taking on the world on two wheels!

1- The first spot goes to Ed a.k.a. the Flying-Dutchman. Pictures and stories from his blog, “Around the World in 800 days” can be read here. Around the World in 800 days

2- Michnus and Elsebie have incredible pictures and Michnus has a true love for beer all over the world. His Advrider post can be read here Piki-Piki around the World  Their personal website is also great! Piki-piki  (Piki-piki is the Swahili word for motorcycle)

3. Alex Chacon has some great videos and cool stories here – Modern Motorcycle Diaries

*One more honorable mention is the great television series with Ewan Mcgregor and his friend Charlie Boorman – Long Way Round, and Long Way Down.


For me, the best part about reading and watching these stories from the people who put so much time and money into a dream is seeing where the end up when it is all over.

There are a lot of things I personally don’t want to lose in the pursuit of adventure no matter how grand. Life can be a tough balance. From all my travels so far, I have really learned to appreciate and love each day and everyone else who is on their own journey of life with me.



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