Vietnam (#17)

Pictures, pictures, pictures!


I headed from Halong Bay to Catba island. The last official stop on my Vietnam adventure.


I had a hostel picked out right near the water.



That night, a group of us went to a sunset spot. The guy in the pic with the glasses is a friend I had met at the waterfall on the border way up north.  : )


The next day I went on short hike in the national park and caught this cute little guy.



Later that day I explored the more downtown area.




I made my way back to Hanoi and my bike is up for sale. Still processing and smiling from all of the wonderful experiences I have been so thankful to have here. Hope you guys have enjoyed the pictures. It has been great sharing them with you.

Thank you for all the support, from the emails to the donations I have received. Who knows what’s next… I am not sure, but I am excited.

Have an awesome rest of your day or night!



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