Vietnam (Northern Loop #14)

I thought I had seen what there was to see in Vietnam. I thought I had captured the best of the best beautiful scenery that Vietnam had to offer. Boy was I dead wrong.

My mind has been blown over the past couple of days with sights that are the most dazzling parts of my best dreams. Views that took my breath away, and motorcycle roads that are the best I have ever ridden.

Lets begin.

Hanoi to Ha Giang started to remind me how much I enjoy the calmer less bustling peaceful towns.


People I had met and talked to from Southern Vietnam had said how the North was their favorite. When I set off the next day the roads remained wonderfully empty with enticing mountains coming into view.


Look at those babies! They surely have some cool secrets. 20180430_095705

Coming up to Heavens gate I couldn’t help but have my mouth open at the scale of the mountains all around me.


Breathtaking! To my utter excitement the roads took the most sweet, lovely, curving route up, up, and even further up. I was beaming! I couldn’t help but want everyone to be able to do this in person. I was stopping everywhere, just saying “WOW!” over and over.


The road kept climbing with more lovely switchbacks. 20180430_105230

With some coolness from the elevation I slowly rode by farmers, kids on bikes, and small towns at the top of these mountains. At one nice little coffee break I met Megan, Erika, and Maarten from Holland. They were on a guided tour and invited me to ride with them. Off we set down the mountain a stop at some very anatomically shaped landmarks.20180430_110045

Fairy Bosom


Looking good Maarten


The road from here kept getting better and better. There is so much to just try and take in. What is it they say again? A picture is worth a thousand words. COMMENCE THE beautiful pictures DUMP!



Stone Honey. Quite tasty


Sugar cane juice with the rest of the crew (Erika on the far right and then Megan)

We kept riding right on the edge of the cliffs, with our hearts racing from the unparalleled beauty around us.


It was really cool being able to join their group with the local guides knowing everyone at these unique stops from doing the trip so many times. With the bridge (above) we stopped and sat down for some tea that this lady was selling for about 25 cents a cup. The guides were chatting it up like old friends. I felt so disappointed that I wasn’t able to connect with people like you can knowing the language.

MORE pictures!!!


So many things to appreciate as you slowly motor along, like the people swimming down at the river, the locals with their kids, and especially the truly magnificent surroundings.


I cannot believe I hadn’t heard about this enchanting fairy tale of a place and heavenly motorcycle roads before, and hope that it doesn’t change. I am thankful to say I have seen a lot and this place really raises the bar.

I am going to break these picture heavy posts up and work on the next one right now.




2 thoughts on “Vietnam (Northern Loop #14)”

  1. The bridges and foot paths are amazing! Imagine the work to make and maintain these trails! The greenness is something we truly relish as winter starts to lose its hold on us in W. Michigan. Praise God for His creation!

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