Vietnam (#15!)


So cool to be in a place where it isn’t over run by tourists and people will walk over quickly to excitedly take a picture with ya.

So fun seeing what life is like for some of the kids here. : )

20180430_180109 (1)20180430_180112(0)20180430_180727(0)

The next morning kept pace with the level of awe being heavily laid on me as the scenery kept changing in the best ways all around me. 20180501_09265220180501_09254020180501_09293220180501_093324


I wish I had written down the name of the amazing local guides. They were all so wonderful. The leader of the group stopped us at this random house on the way and said “just one second!” It kinda looked like a mechanic shop. He walked in and started chatting as he would always do (like everyone is his best friend,) and then after a minute walked out with some longan fruit, and explained that it was his sisters and her families house! So awesome! She walked out and we all said hello before heading on down the road.


Please enjoy these nice pictures showing just a small glimpse of how lovely the roads and scenery are! 20180501_10494220180501_11471020180501_11573720180501_12121120180501_121256

I have thought about organizing a tour myself… Hmm….A friend from Puerto Rico was actually leading tours here for a couple months. You might spend like 20 dollars a day… Maybe. The first place I was staying for the night with free breakfast was 90,000 dong. Thats $3.95.  (The beds are pretty hard, but hey! $3.95)

At this point in the day we got to Lung Cu.. The very very northern part of Vietnam and we came upon this unofficial way to get into China! Our guide said to be careful as the Chinese police are not very nice. Just a quick peek.


Aaaaaanddddd we were back to Vietnam.

Just down the road we got to a lookout and wow Vietnam!


On our way back we took a small break, and I started climbing things and just goofing around. (As I love to do.) And everyone else started really getting into it! 20180501_15413620180501_15493820180501_15412620180501_15460320180501_154857


Such an amazing group. I am so thankful to be able to do this amazing experience with! Love you guys! We kept driving with so many smiles and having all the fun there is to be had. : ) 20180501_155757(0)

Its pretty funny how there was no flagger or anything. Haha. We just rolled up beeping away and then slipping past once he saw us and stopped for a second.20180501_15583620180501_16000720180501_160140

We climbed some rocks after taking a really bad/fun road to this gorgeous viewpoint. 20180501_16133520180501_161342

See the guy on the left on the rocks!


We made it to our next sleeping arrangement and had nice dinner before going out to enjoy some Vietnamese karaoke.


The next morning I would only be joining the group for a fairly short but brilliant ride before they headed back to Ha Giang while I headed another way.


The Ma Pi Leng pass is equally as impressive if not more than the other stuff I have seen in the past couple of days. What a sight!


They had a nice no falling sign that you can see in the picture right above!20180502_11031520180502_11164120180502_11205620180502_112726

Don’t worry Mom! I was very careful as it really did drop pretty much straight down in a lot of spots! 20180502_11273320180502_113313


After saying our goodbyes, I got a myself a guesthouse in Meo Vac and have been working on my blog. It is raining here in this little town between the mountains.

Thanks for joining me everyone.

Until the next time then.

P.S. I am getting really good at using chopsticks.


One thought on “Vietnam (#15!)”

  1. Your mom told me that you were journaling again! The scenery is spectacular and such STEEP ravines. What a beautiful place! Praying for you Josh!


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