Vietnam (#12)

Phong Nha had another boat-able cave to be explored, and a group of us set off for the dock.

It was only on the way out that we got off the boat and did a little exploring at the entrance of the cave. One poor guy who was supposed to watch and make sure people weren’t damaging anything, was so exhausted and kept nodding off. I sat there and watched him try and stay awake. He was one of my favorite attractions on this cave tour!


There were some really huge stalagmites and stalactites.


I moved to check out another hostel in Phong Nha and everyone in Vietnam has loved my penny board. At the first hostel the lady checking me in got really excited and grabbed the board to try it out. The ladies at the second hostel got equally as excited and I smiled so big watching them try it out with pure joy on their faces.

For those that don’t have a motorcycle to drive through Vietnam, many people take sleeper buses. I saw one on the side of the road and snapped a pic really quickly.


The next day I headed out to Vihn along the ever lovely Ho Chi Mihn highway.


Very charming roads.

I didn’t try and see anything in particular in Vihn and just had a nice quiet time. I had picked up a little bit of a nasty cough and took it easy to feel better. On the motorcycle route many people only go to Vihn as a stopping point to break up an otherwise very long ride.

I grabbed a bite to eat and had a nice chat with some local ladies who impressed me with their very good English.

They steered me toward a local delight of Che. Which had a kind of syrup/yogurt, red beans, mango pieces and some other stuff. It was good. Very similar to some of the stuff I had grown up with in the Philippines.

The next day was the push to Nihn Binh. The road offered up a taxidermy shop with either some very strange looking Vietnamese deer or a different level of skill in the art of preserving animals!


Poor guys.

I stopped for lunch at a spot with a whole bus full of military guys. They were friendly and we talked with google translate for a little bit. 20180421_110513

My route took me to on some very quiet roads with lots and lots of potholes. With excitement and adventure pumping through my veins, I would keep smiling and shouting back hello to the local kids and say hello in Vietnamese to others riding beside me.

One group of guys piled three deep on a scooter gave me a very warm response and kept my smile going strong as I passed them. Just down the road, my throat was parched and I was lured into this stop with a group of delicious looking coconuts just sitting by the side of the road. The same friendly group of guys showed up and stopped at the same place just a couple minutes later. They insisted on paying for my coconut, offered to buy me a beer to have with them, or even another coconut if I wanted. We chatted about my trip, how beautiful Vietnam is and more!


Such a great group of guys, right around my age, who worked out here! We shared some pictures and many smiles. (These kind of interactions are my favorite, by far!) It was so so good to meet you guys! Thank you for all your kindness and I hope I can repay the favor sometime if you are ever traveling through my country. : )

I rode out thanking them so much, and feeling like I was losing some really good friends. It was only a short ride to my hostel in Nihn Binh and the next day I headed off to a beautiful little hike with some others staying at the same spot.





See the boats down on the river?



At the second peak we got a beer and all just sat at the edge enjoying the view and breathing in the fresh air. And what a view.


We went to one other large temple and huge pagoda as well but I wasn’t convinced to add any pictures of it here except for this one at the top.


And that is where I will leave it on this one…

As always, hope you enjoyed!

P.S. The other thing so many people ask me is about my seat cover/bath mat. Here’s a bonus picture of another rider from the hostel trying it out. haha. So comfy!






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