Vietnam (PART 6 BABY!!)

Hello Everyone! Or as they say in Vietnam “Xin chào!” (Hello) To me it sounds like SIN CHAO. Anyway… Vietnam is an enchanting country and I am so thankful to be on this trip.

From the hostel in Quy Nhon a group of us decided to hit up some beaches and off we went! A group of 9 foreigners taking the streets through a busy city to a small little fishing village.


I couldn’t help but think how we are just a bunch of kids. No need to prepare for work or other responsibilities. GRAB your bag baby cause we are going to the beach, and if we don’t like that one, we will go to another one or even another one! Traveling is very much a learning experience of letting yourself dream. What does your ideal day look like?

I love getting to meet people my age and get to have fun with them swimming, climbing, talking about life back home, dreams, etcetera.

The Vietnamese people have the most interesting boats here. I have seen them on the water and its quite the motion the driver does to propel the boat forward with the one tied in oar.


After soaking up some sun we headed to the next stop. If you like looking at the maps the first beach is on the South Eastern tip of the peninsula right at Qui Nhon. The second one was just North of the first one. The view on the way was absolutely spectacular.





I set up my hammock and had a nice little nap while listening to the sound of the waves coming in and out.

I did get some better shots of the group on the way back. 20180404_16463320180404_16502220180404_170612

We grabbed dinner together, enjoying the city at night. They have some interesting areas for kids to do these small carnival rides near the water and other areas set up so you can enjoy your meal looking at the ocean. I really liked the plastic chairs for people to sit near the water. It is neat to not have a bunch of fancy restaurant charging a ton, but instead a group of small food and drink vendors making your meal or drink. What a way to watch the sunset with friends, on a date, or even just to look and listen to the waves under the moonlight. 20180404_214614


Very cool.

Tomorrow, Kon Tum.



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