Vietnam (part 5)






This hostel had the most amazing layout with a soccer field in front of the main building, volleyball courts, basketball courts, hammocks, swings, and (as you can see) is right on the ocean. They even have their own spa!

Going kayaking to a cliff jumping spot




Two of the guys I came with, (Tom and V) had been here before and decided to come back because they loved it so much! Mark still had some trouble with his bike and dropped his bike off at a shop nearby where they would be working on some serious engine replacement that would take 3 days.


Mark would be heading up North once it was fixed, while Tom and V were going south…I am really going to miss them. They are extremely cool guys and let me try out their new Honda’s. 20180402_130656


V locked up the back brake when trying to stop on my bike, and told me how terrible my front drum brake is! Laughing, he told me how his eyes would get real wide whenever trying to stop on my bike. To be fair, their bikes would stop on a dime.

On Easter, they had a raffle for everyone staying at the hostel and I won a bungalow for a night! : ) It was lovely!

The next morning I set off to head up to Qui Nhon. Here are some better pictures when there was some more sunlight. Such a beautiful spot.

Watch out for cows! And lots of other animals too.


Enjoy these other pictures of my nice drive along the coast!

Drying seaweed. I think.


GORGEOUS lookouts


Sleepy boats


Small detours




That fresh ocean air

Some of the places I came through had these huge roads and very little traffic. I really liked coming into these cities and having even more room on the road then on the back roads. There hasn’t been an experience for me like this yet. The only thing I can think is that they are building for the city to get really populated and it just hasn’t yet. Look how big the roads were.


When driving Vietnam, so many school kids are driving these electric bicycles. I see them everywhere and a lot of times they will have someone on the back seat too. 20180403_103837(0)

On this ride, I noticed one girl giving here friend on a regular bicycle a nice boost by setting her foot on her friends bike to push them both on the motors power.

Qui Nhơn

It blows my mind how many people on this trip I meet who haven’t ridden a bike before and come here to learn and really do a trail by fire. I wouldn’t recommend this and please please be careful if you decide too. On my way from Dalat to Nah Trang I watched a tourist on a scooter wipe out. Walking into hostels it is almost guaranteed to see a handful of people with bandages or healing knees, arms, and elbows.



Until the next time then.

2 thoughts on “Vietnam (part 5)”

  1. This is wonderful, Josh. The pictures are great, I am glad you are having such a good time and making friends along the way.


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