Vietnam (Part 4)

I was heading towards Nah Trang to stay on a peninsula an hour North of there.

Three other guys were heading the same way so we started out! In less than the first hour of riding V (short for something but I don’t remember… (He is from the Czech Republic and his name is a tough one)) got a flat tire.

From left to right its Tom (white shirt), Mark, and then V

Mark and I pressed on. Mark just traded his scooter for a Honda Win to have a sexier and more exciting ride for Vietnam.

Less than 30 more minutes up the road Mark’s chain came off the sprocket and he needed to go to a mechanic. Thankfully Vietnam is full of bike mechanics!


I was thankful that my bike was doing so well and pressed on. The roads were absolutely lovely through the mountains and actually kinda reminded me of some of my other motorcycle trips.


The higher up I got the more my little 110cc bike struggled. The engine was working so hard and I had to be in 2nd to make it up at one point. (Fun FYI. There are 4 gears)

It got SO cold! 20180331_13585020180331_14020320180331_142744

My camera normally does a very good job, but this whole area on the other side of the mountain has to be seen to be believed. The road slowly wound down the whole mountain with waterfalls cascading down the rocks on the sides of the road. The lower land below (in the picture with my bike,) was easily seen by the eyes as it basked in the sun. I am very disappointed looking back to see that my camera did not capture it well at all. This was a spot you could just sit and feel small with the land far far beneath you and the sides of the mountain on each side of you. It was very awe inspiring.

Down below, had a wonderful warmth that started to warm my hands back up. The rice fields were so rich in color and swayed peacefully in the wind.


I wondered if my friends were going to hopefully catch up to me and that everything was alright. It had been about 4 hours now since I had left them.


The guys on the dirt bikes had been riding Vietnam and were able to ride quite fast on those bigger 150cc bikes with their great suspension.

While I was soaking in the beauty of the sun hitting the hills and trees around me, I saw my buddy in the mirror and got so excited! We stopped right in front of the toll booth to catch up a bit and then headed off towards our hostel. No sign of Mark close behind them. His bike was still acting up with a gearing problem. They thought he was about an hour behind.


We drove right by the toll booth and turned to go on this quieter stretch in between the rice fields, carefully avoiding the cows in the way.


This winding road took me to some more view points that, I believe, with the right camera and sunlight would blow your mind like it did mine. It was getting darker but I was still forced to stop and just take it in. It isn’t always with my nomadic life that I catch myself being surprised at where I am, with always seeing new sights everyday, but this was one of the those times.20180331_173833

On my way out I’ll be trying to capture this a lot  better. I made it to the hostel with Tom and V. Mark ended up arriving about 2 hours later. :/ Poor Mark.


I hope all of you guys are really doing well. Love ya Grandma, and ALL of my family!  Happy Birthday Jen! Love you tons!

Until next time!

Here’s a picture of me. (Mom specifically. I know you’ll appreciate it. : )  )


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