Vietnam (part 3)

I spent most of the day inside with all the rain in Da Lat. Our (my new friends and I) plans to see the waterfalls had gotten pushed back a day. The average temperature in Da Lat for this time of year is very much cozy sweatshirt weather in the evenings and night. The day can be a bit brisk too if the sun isn’t out. The city is centered around a beautiful lake that creates a nice place for people to walk, go for horse carriage rides, fish, or just enjoy the park and sunset with your family and friends.


While I was sitting here, enjoying the view, a monkey came along riding this dog. The kid in the backgrounds face is my favorite. Mine probably looked the same when I first saw the animal duo too.




We had gone to see the Elephant falls and the pictures don’t do it justice at all. I had forgotten how loud a big waterfall like this is and the mist that forms.

When we went back to the city we grabbed some food and walked around the markets.


It’s funny and cool to me how relaxed people get when sitting on their scooters/motorcycles.


I don’t know if this other guy was selling pets or what, but he had a crazy assortment of fish and even little turtles in a bunch of bags on the back of his bike.

20180330_150758 (1)


Karaoke is a really big thing here and getting to the busiest part of the city I saw huge signs for Karaoke. Even the hostel I was staying in had a Karaoke night!


They have a lot of food options with people serving all types of dishes from the sidewalks of the city.


I was so taken aback when I walked in front of this lady with her pots when a rat came out from her area and then scurried back into that hole you can see in the picture. (It looks like cardboard)  I don’t know if it was a pet or rats are just running around with all the trash on the street. Haha.

People just stack up small amounts of trash on different corners and other people come around every night and clean it all up. I didn’t really see any trash cans on the street. Very interesting.



And here is a picture a like.

Looking good Jay



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