Vietnam (Part 2)

Dana (The previous owner of the bike, had said how her bottom got really sore from all the riding.) Mine hurt a lot yesterday as well. Her solution was sitting on a towel and it was looking like I should too.

I left Coco beach resort heading to Dalat! I noticed a supermarket and pulled in to see if they had anything good for breakfast. The front door was closed but a lot of motorbikes were parked on the side. Huh. I walked through the side door and started shopping around. Everyone in the store was looking at me strange again and I figured they just weren’t used to a foreigner. The workers there were talking among themselves and I felt really out of place. Not being able to find anything besides a milk, I decided to check out and one gentleman speaking Vietnamese called a woman over who asked if I could wait 10 minutes till they open. I felt so bad!! She asked if I could just shop for a little bit longer. Embarrassed, I kept looking around till 8 oclock.

There weren’t any signs in English! : /

I looked at some towels and settled on a plush comfortable bath mat along with my milk.

SO much more comfy

Ahhh much better.


It wasn’t long before another giant of a building came up.


See how small that truck is next to it?



Along this highway to Dalat, a lot of dragon fruit was being sold.


You may have thought that the hammock thing was an isolated incident but that is where you would be wrong! Here I am at another rest stop.

The white fungus drink was a very strange one. I couldn’t help but try it, but won’t be choosing it again based on favorites. Haha.

If you decide to do this trip yourself, I have a great tip for you. When the toll booths come up, don’t sweat it! There is room on the side and just go for it! Every single toll section that has come up has had an area for the bikes to just slip right on by.


When I was able to turn off the highway again to keep heading North, I was all smiles at all the space around me and beautiful scenery.


It was then that I saw it… other foreigners on bikes! They were at the gas station and I pulled in to top off. Chatting with them, I decided it was much better to meet them than be the first trail blazer.

A little bit further down the road three more foreigners on Honda Win bikes zipped by me heading South! Two more were sitting on the road taking a break up ahead! These motorcycling foreigners were everywhere!

I drove up the mountain and stopped for a bite to eat.


The two that were taking a break caught up to me and I got to meet the really wonderful Max and Anne from Germany. They were headed to Dalat and we set off together. : )


Making it to the hostel for the night, 4 more people arrived by motorcycle. (Who were also soaking up the amazing adventure of motorcycling Vietnam.) While having a family meal together (thanks to the hostel), I smiled at being able to talk to all these different people in English, and even more hear about all their tips and crazy stories.  20180328_184040

It’s fun seeing their eyes light up as they recount to you the day they had winding through these quiet village towns all the way to Dalat, or that time driving through Cambodia, and more.

I’ll try and take some good pictures of Dalat, It’s a pretty neat place.

It’s time for me to go to bed.

I have two more bonus pictures today of a huge Bonsai tree and my bike looking cool!




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