Vietnam (The beginning)

Many people I have bumped into have talked about motorcycling through Vietnam. Being in Southeast Asia I decided why not.

Ho Chi Minh was a good starting spot to acquire some new wheels.



I was staying in a 5 dollar hostel that included breakfast.

There was a lot to see walking around the city.




I had taken out 4 Million Dong when I was at the airport which is about 175 dollars. 1 U.S. dollar is around 23,000 Dong.

YUM, coconuts.

Getting to the bustling street of Bui Vien, I tried to take everything in, from the people walking around trying to sell you sunglasses to all the spa’s, restaurants, and shops packed so close together.



The scooters and motorcycles here don’t stop. In the busy sections, with their constant flow through the streets, you have to just walk out and slowly keep moving across. On my taxi ride from the airport we came to a traffic circle and the hazard lights came on. He just kept inching forward, forcing the cycles to give him room.

At night, the busy touristic street of Bui Vien became packed with people as gates were set up making it a walking street.

20180325_22251620180325_22311720180325_223600  Loud music poured out of the restaurants and other clubs.

One of the guys staying in my hostel was teaching English at a school as part of his college program. He also was interested in driving a motorcycle up north and let me know of a good Facebook group to purchase my own.

Within 24 hours of looking at the FB group, I had met with two travelers who drove all the way down from Hanoi, and had gotten my own set of wheels.

Dana, the legend. 
Here she is!

While she (the bike,) isn’t the most authentic of Honda’s, it makes for quite an interesting time to see what will go wrong. For $220 dollars it is hard to complain. What she doesn’t have in perfect reliability, she makes up for in character. I know that she has at least done this trip from North to South 2 times before me. Dana, the previous owner, hadn’t had any trouble with it on the way down.  (Fingers crossed! :  ) )

I set out tomorrow to make my way East and then up the coast. There are going to be lots of exciting views, challenges, and adventure.

Dana bought a nice pink helmet and was kind enough to give it to me with the bike. Here I am looking soooo good in a very colorful helmet.

Looking good Josh, Looking good!


Tune in tomorrow if you want or maybe the next day. I plan to update this epic trip at least every 3 days!

P.S. There are lots of interesting things here in Vietnam for food. 20180326_092927


Oh… P.S.S.

I found this funny restaurant that apparently Obama visited.




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