West Coast #16 (Yellowstone and the Tetons)

Interstate 84 took us right to Twin Falls and the famous Perrine bridge! (Known for Base Jumping)20170601_125043

There are two kayaks in the water waaayyy down there. 

It was very windy that day and we didn’t see anyone Base jumping, but we both decided that we would do it. It is much easier to just say than do, but I hope you guys know by now that I would definitely go through with it, no matter how much I was shaking and smiling while climbing over the railing.

We drove around up towards Idaho Falls before taking 33 East towards Tetonia. The farmlands on this road blew me away. It was so beautiful and green. It started to get a bit chilly as we got closer to the mountains.

Lots to look at and enjoy while driving towards one well reviewed Teton hostel Bed and Breakfast.


We walked in after making the reservation online, and didn’t find anyone else official here either. There was a just a slip of laminated paper for late reservations telling directions to the dorm rooms, and house rules. They had a wonderful breakfast here that you made yourself. They had yogurt, milk, cereal, coffee, tea, apples, bananas, oranges, oatmeal, eggs, bagels, cream cheese, butter, pancake mix, and more. It was incredible! Best breakfast at a hostel I have been to yet. In the morning you would just grab cereal from the cupboard, or the fruit sitting out, or yogurt from the fridge.

The owner was kind enough to even not lock up any food after breakfast asking that you just pay $1 for coffee, 50 cents for a yogurt, or 25 cents for a bagel, etc, (To cover cost) for those wanting a snack after the breakfast hours. Such a nice thing to do! I am always impressed when people are genuinely trying to provide a great service and actually help people out instead of charging more because you can.

In the morning we both headed South on 33. Brian had decided to head home being within one days driving distance and I would be joining him in just a few days after exploring Yellowstone and the Tetons.


There were a LOT of signs on the Tetons pass saying how trucks over a certain weight CANNOT go on this road. I could smell the brakes of all the cars in front of me holding us motorcycles up. I barely had to use the brakes with the engine braking on my bike and just staying in a low gear. Besides the fact that we can go so much faster than cars on turns.

I can safely say that I, with my bike, were not over the gross vehicle weight. Before the pass I had to check, and it was saying 460 while I was sitting on the bike! Haha. 🙂 Inked20170603_091737_LI

And now please enjoy this montage of sorts of my favorite pictures while I was traveling from the Tetons up through Yellowstone and back. 20170602_09243120170602_10094020170602_10095120170602_10191420170602_10471120170602_10565520170602_111343

The Old Faithful Masses!


Yes that’s a real Bison.
Hot Springs!


Moments before speaking with this nice lady.


Such beautifully clear water


Climbing to perilous spots.


Pictures really don’t capture the magnitude or scale. I really enjoyed the hot springs, and wish there was some safe way to actually explore such a different area than I am used too. There are so many signs saying how people die and get severely burned from stepping off the path and falling through a thin crust into dangerously hot water.

I am like a kid and love new experiences and new sites. There was a tiny little foot bridge to one of the hot spring pools and I got the biggest smile when I saw a kid reach down into one small stream to check the temperature. When he brought his hand back up, I asked him, “Is it hot?” “Nah..” he says. Curiosity and excitement is wonderful. I leaned over the paths to stick my hand down and check the temperatures too.

The world is a amazing place, and when you lose that sense of wonder about the world around you is when I feel like people start to grow up. Savor the way the crisp mountain air refreshingly sweeps across your face. Reach down and feel the texture of the green grass… Take a deep sniff and laugh at the way the hot springs can smell like rotten eggs. Do you remember that fascination with the world around you while growing up? I remember playing and quizzically studying green blades of grass, leaves, and more. It is sad how adults can just become accustomed to what is around them instead of the way kids will play in the dirt, having fun with how it can cake and feel on your skin, or the way the water feels on your bare feet.


Next time on JoshJourneys…  I find Willy Wonka’s chocolate river!!!







2 thoughts on “West Coast #16 (Yellowstone and the Tetons)”

  1. A home schooling mom and her husband moved to Yellowstone after her two boys graduated and were out on their own. Cindy and her husband work at Yellowstone in the summer months and go to Grand Canyon in the winter months. Cindy is in charge of the wranglers (leading trail rides). Her husband does construction and maintenance. I wish I would have thought to tell you this earlier…. I didn’t know you were heading to Yellowstone though. (Do you know Cindy? She managed Hope’s on Sherman for awhile…)

    If you continue heading toward the east on the northerly route, be sure to stop at Wall Drug Store. It’s an iconic spot. 🙂

    Mid 70s in Spring Lake! Beautiful blue skies and puffy clouds. Bicycling around the lake allows for the intense smells provided by honeysuckle and lilacs. We are so blessed to live in a world, that despite the effects of sin, is still so amazingly beautiful. 🙂


    1. Man.. that sounds like it could be a fun job! If I saw a picture of her I might remember but dont just from the name.
      Spring lake is so nice, and yes we are. Sounds lovely.
      : )


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