West Coast #15 (Portland and Idaho)

Brian booked the hostel over the phone to make absolutely sure all the other cheap places wouldn’t be full from another festival.

We took the highway South and soon arrived.

Beautiful flowers surrounded the hostel, and this hostel was branded to bicyclists. Others are allowed but the decor was for cycling, with cycling magazines, and cycling posters. The doors had codes to get in and Brian had gotten the code from talking to the owner on the phone.


We walked in, unable to find any office or check in desk. Hmm. Three other people were staying here out of the whole house and it seemed like we could just pay tomorrow when the owner came. Cool.

North Portland was full of nice bars, yoga studios, and places to eat. North Williams street had a place focusing on just really nice salads, and another busy ice cream store.

There are a lots of coffee places too. I walked into a few taking in the different people working away on their computers. At the one pictured below, I asked someone if they wanted to play chess, to which I was politely declined. They were heading out.


I found one other area that excited me with really long grass and a good pondering chair.  Brian for some reason wasn’t as excited as I was. Haha. The grass almost came up to my waist in some areas.

Later that night we headed to see what downtown was like. 20170528_20373620170528_21022920170528_212747

It felt like almost every street was a one way.

There was a festival going on! We didn’t pay the entrance fee and watched the rides while listening to the band from outside the fence.

Walking around, a lot of the people in Portland were as colorful as the bathrooms here.

So colorful and FUN! : P 

A few girls wore bold eyeliner colors matching their bright lips. One lady in a very nice grocery store, New Seasons, (nicest grocery store I have ever been in) was happy to pose for a picture of her rocking heals, intricate stockings, and colorful hair.

Downtown there was one other section that had a ton of food stands set up. 20170528_225049

The next day the owners still hadn’t shown up to the hostel. It was strange not seeing anyone official at the house. Brian and I were the only ones upstairs and it almost seemed like it could have been our house with how quite it was.

We grabbed burgers the next day and explored some more.

IMG-20170529-WA0004 The next morning we set off for Idaho. (Brian had to call the hostel staff back to find out how we could pay. We ended up just leaving the cash under our pillows.) Awfully trusting from the owners, but a really cool feeling to be trusted like that. Most places you have to leave a Credit Card number for if you accidentally damage or burn down the place along with signing terms and conditions! I liked this simpler system a lot and really hope the owners never get taken advantage of.

The scenery on Interstate 84 was quite varied and beautiful. It did get hot for quite a while as we got farther inland. The heat and wind really tired us out. At one rest stop, we ended up taking a nap, laying in the grass underneath a nice tree.


After arriving to Brian’s Uncle’s house, we sat for a while before swapping bikes to get a feel for the area without all our heavy gear. We both felt an old renewed sense of excitement riding without our cumbersome bags. Even after all the riding we had done that day, riding was thrilling again. Especially being able to switch up bikes and appreciate the differences for a few miles. 20170531_213005 - Copy20170531_19023920170531_190735 - Copy



And Yellowstone was on the horizon. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Until next time my friends.


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