West Coast #14 (Washington)

With our city hammocking we had to get up early and get moving early. Crossing the bridge in fog, the road near the ocean stayed foggy as well.

All up the coast of Oregon and Washington, little drive through coffee shops kept popping up.

Our motorcycles carried us to Long Beach. Home of, apparently, the “Worlds Longest Beach.” Hmm. I had desperately wanted to go here because you can drive your vehicle right up to the water. Brian and I pulled up to the sand, and I kept on going on my dirt bike right to the water.

I had the best time getting used to the way the sand would slip and dance under the tires. By the water, it got harder, and I began to see how tightly I could turn. It ended with a large smile on my face as the back tire would kick out and slide really nicely with a little bit of a twist on the throttle. Little streams going to the ocean could not stay safe from my enthusiastic charge on the ole Dr650. With a huge grin on my face I would lift my feet up and drive right on through, looking for the deepest most interesting spots. (Trying to get stuck and hone my motorcycling skills is always a great time. 😛 )

Brian stayed away from the sand with his classic heavier bike. We stopped in a little town for a bite to eat. It is hard not to attract any attention as we walk in with all our riding gear.

It seemed like everyone new each other in this little breakfast cafe. Quite fun to see the guy sitting at the counter say, “How’s it going Joe.” To the next guy that came in the door. Brian and I were questioned about how far we are going on our bikes and got to share a bit of our exciting adventure. One lady in particular gave us some advice on the best route to take and how Seattle will be great with the festival going on. These older couples seemed excited with our trip and as we have been told before, said how you gotta do it when you are young. They left and we finished our meal smiling from having such nice friendly conversations with strangers. -(Or should I say friends we hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting yet.)

I waited for the check as Brian went to the restroom. Our server was taking a while to bring the check. It was nice not being rushed or feeling like you needed to go. When I finally asked, she said the lady sitting in the corner had paid for both of our meals. Overwhelmed, I excitedly told Brian as he emerged from the bathroom. On our tight budget this kind of gift means a TON to us both.

With it being a little later in the day after our breakfast, the skies cleared and the green Washington countryside shown through.

Our route took us right to a lovely ferry, and the Seattle skyline soon came into view. 20170527_14005220170527_144136

It was really nice arriving by boat, instead of driving in like we always have been doing. We walked the boardwalk area, and grabbed some fish and chips from Ivars. 20170527_150016

The festival going on here had filled up all the hostels. We checked. It was San Francisco all over again! Saddened, we took in the sites, smells, and vibes from the city while it was still light out.

We drove around a bit to get our bearings, before taking the streets by foot.


There was a lot of traffic and Brian was just loving having to wait so much. Haha. In this picture we had a train going right through downtown blocking off everyone from anywhere but the waterfront for quite a bit.

I don’t think smoking is cool because of how it affects your health, but this guy on the newspaper stand sure is doing a great job of making it look cool.  

There were lots of people downtown walking around. The picture above isn’t from the busy section at all.

Another gentleman was playing electric guitar on a corner while a lady danced to his music on the other side of the street. We watched people go by and walked into a few places to check them out. I used the bathroom of one place and saw an interesting sign I had not seen before. 20170527_170115 (1)

Cool idea! Especially if it helps anyone know definitively that they shouldn’t drive after however many drinks.

While we sat and watched people go by, a lady walked by and reached out feeling my beard, before continuing down the street. I was kinda shocked but didn’t care. It was getting a bit long I guess. She was sneaky about it not putting her hand out till she was right by me… not giving me any indication of what she was going to do. Brian commented how she was definitely on something with how she appeared and was walking.

While I walked around a bit more, someone struggling with drug addictions sat beside Brian. Brian told me how he had a lot of difficulty understanding this gentleman, but heard how he had been living in the streets for over 30 years. He begged Brian to buy him a soda, and Brian compassionately obliged.

As the sun started to go down, Brian and I frustratingly rode 30 minutes North to a cheap motel. The hostels we had looked at downtown looked so amazing too. : ( They were in the middle of the action, but unfortunately had no room for us. Typically, without festivals and national holidays (Memorial day), city hostels have room for walk ins.

We ended up trying again the next day at the hostels to find out the few spots they had, had already filled up for that night! Blast it all! Brian didn’t want to spend more money with what we had already seen, and did not want to wild hammock near Seattle.

We would ride South to Portland!


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