West Coast #13 (Oregon)

The last section of Northern California before the border was a very enjoyable ride; with some good breaks to explore the new surroundings.


Brian reminds me of an Astronaut in this picture! Haha. I told him the same thing when he was there and he agreed that he felt like an Astronaut with all his clothes and helmet.

The Northern California Lagoons


More Redwoods! : )

Passing into Oregon, I noticed a lot of huge, huge rocks out from the beach.



See the people on the beach?

We made it to the quaint, charming Gold Beach and ended up going to a campground to save on some money. We have been having no luck with couch surfing.  AHH! : ( I met the most amazing people when I did the East coast trip!

Near sunset, Gold Beach was hit just right by the sun, for both of us to be awed and understand why it was given the name.

My phone was dead, and I ended up missing the golden hour to get a picture really showing this. My phone charged in a grocery store, while we bought some hot dogs for dinner. I am disappointed in myself as a photographer in not being able to capture the golden hue at the right time.

In typically minimalist fashion, I didn’t pack a sleeping bag and just slept with my riding gear, boots, and helmet on. I always keep my bag with me in the hammock as well to give my mind ease about any theft. The wind kicked up later that night taking all the heat from under the hammock, and I had to get up, shivering, to re-light the fire. It is surprisingly comfortable to sleep with a helmet on though. Keeps your head nice and warm and is kinda like a pillow on every side. Added bonus of keeping the bugs out with the windshield down too.

We drove on through the gorgeous, lush coastline.


HUGE sandwich for 4 dollars

The little towns had signs and objects speaking about whales. We didn’t see any as our eyes swept the ocean from the overlooks.20170526_113153

*Brian has been having some problems with his bike. Earlier in California, his bike was making a huge racket. His mechanic recommended a friend near LA who saw us last minute and changed out the front sprocket and put a new chain on Brian’s bike. He gave him a great deal and was super helpful. IF I was in the LA area I wouldn’t think twice about going to him again. Hoknblok is the name of his company and he is a great, incredibly knowledgeable guy!. The loud noise from his chain area went completely away, and we were set to keep on cruising.

Brian recently HAD to also put a new tire on his motorcycle (in Crescent City) before the bald tire would end up killing him with these crazy turns. All this to say. We have been eating a lot at the supermarket deli’s to get some 5 dollar sandwiches instead of any nice local restaurants because of budget. *

Just past Winchester Bay, Brian was close to tears with a sad look on his face as his bike suddenly shut off on the road. We couldn’t see what the problem was and at this point he didn’t have more money to spend fixing it.


It was running incredibly rough, not wanting to stay on. We limped it back to town and asked a local mechanic if he knew by any chance what the bad sound was from; just to know if it was even worth trying to fix.

Because of the incredible kindness of an off-road motorcycle mechanic, (There are so many dunes here on the Oregon coast that dune riding is a big thing!) Brian’s bike was fixed free of charge. A spark plug wire had come loose among a few other things and we amazingly could keep driving to our Seattle destination. Inked20170525_170804_LI

The Oregon coast didn’t disappoint.


It’s kinda weird. In Oregon, you can’t really pump your own gas at the gas stations. Pulling up on our motorcycles, someone walks over to do it for you. We ended up being able to put the fuel in our own bikes but not select the grade or put our Credit Cards in the machine. They said the workers are required to do it by law! Hmm…

We made it to Astoria and started asking around if anyone had part time work to hopefully get a little cash for hostels, a place to sleep, food, and/or gas. We looked on Craigslist too. Brian had unfortunately had to shell out around 400 dollars just to keep going which put us in a tighter spot than we had hoped to be in. We talked with a few people at Reach Break Brewing. The guy at the front was super helpful and gave us a few places we could check. While we sat there thinking and getting some advice from people, the guy behind the bar incredibly just gave us a beer each. Reminding me, yet again, how unbelievable kind and amazing people can be. Kindness is a wonderful thing. Some of my favorite parts about traveling like this is from the beautiful people I get to meet who show us love without expectation.   20170526_164149

We went to the Astoria hostel to find out it was around 50 dollars each with Memorial day. Oh man! It is kinda cold up here for camping.

We kept talking to some people and went for a cheap 6 dollar bite to eat at Rolling Thunder BBQ. The guy had an old BMW motorcycle in the dining area and we began talking bikes and about our trip. As we were ready to pay he told us that we are his kinda people and to save the money for gas later. When you don’t have much, this kind of thing really stays with you and means even more.   20170526_175229

We drove around looking for some good hammock spots for the night and found a piano downtown,a most beautiful view, and a phone booth! 20170526_184442

Astoria lookout tower! : )
That is Washington over the bridge!


That night, we decided we needed to just camp. I still think Brian may think I am a bit nuts, but I found a nice spot, slightly concealed, right in downtown. We strung up the hammocks under here and called it a night. I slept pretty well knowing that I wasn’t spending money to just sleep. And yes, we both wore our full riding gear to stay warm. 20170527_053443

In the morning we would cross the bridge and be in Washington!

If you have enjoyed the pictures, wild stories, and other adventures of the extremely sexy, smart, and courageous traveling duo (That’s us!), we just got a Paypal link set up for my friend Brian. If you are in a spot with some disposable income and have enjoyed our stories and pictures you can send him some money for his next meal or tank of gas here. Paypal Brian

If you want to send some financial love my way you can do so here! Paypal Josh

Until next time my friends! Washington calls! : ) (And we are gonna answer!)

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