West Coast #12 (My bike in a tree :/ )

So you guys know how I have been riding really fast around those magnificent corners on route 1 that I was talking about in the last blog? Well… Let me start from the beginning. We woke up in Fort Bragg at a motel 6. It was so cold out that night it would have been hard to survive if we had tried to hammock. Even wearing every piece of my clothing and riding gear it would have been tough! In an effort to not spend more money than we needed too we bought instant oatmeal to satiate our hunger and get going in the morning. No one ever said this was going be easy. At least not with our budgets. 20170523_110522

What I like to do is just pour some water from my water bottle in the pouch and presto! Cold instant oatmeal. Not too bad. Not to bad at all. You kinda squish it out and rip the side of the package to get the hard stuff at the bottom.

We headed out and began to enjoy the scenery.


We had a little fog on the coast before some really breathtaking areas.


Route 1 switched to 101 and we found ourselves right in the middle of the Giants! The redwoods over 300 feet tall stood strong on each side of the road casting an almost dream like feel to our ride. Riding between these massive trees had me wondering if we had actually shrunken, or entered into an Jack and the beanstalk world. 20170523_132325

20170523_135252 Yes… That is a full size semi in the picture directly above. The road got narrow again and I was entranced with my unfamiliar, surrealistic atmosphere. Heavy vegetation is so lovely when it reaches over the road and almost completely shades the pathway. 20170523_151703

Something just off the road caught my eye and I shortly was smack dab in the middle of a tree. And not just any tree! A MASSIVE 315 foot redwood. The world famous drive through tree. 20170523_125852 Route 101 took us to 36 East and the landscape shifted making me feel like I was in the sound of music . 20170523_15314220170523_15425420170523_15485320170523_155956

And yes…I was singing the hills are alive with the sound of music at the top of my lungs for a quite a while in my helmet. When I wasn’t singing it was quite peaceful out here. Quiet with the occasional logging truck, and fragrant with the trees and roadside flowers.

We took a break, keeping a lookout for some bears out here, before heading up towards Hayfork on 3, and eventually our friends house in Hyampom.

It was incredibly relaxing out there without the other cars and the nice warm weather. Right along the coast it has been quite cold, BUT in this far, it was warm, sunny, and extremely beautiful. The pictures don’t show well how far out in the boonies we actually are. It felt very peaceful and relaxing out here. We made it to Conor’s house and if you are an avid follower of my blog you may recognize him from a Puerto Rico post. (He is the hostel guest enjoying the cigarette in the hammock while reading a book!) He stayed at the hostel for around a week I felt like we had been friends for years! SO great to see you again Conor!



We hoped in his truck, went down the cool river, and took a dip. 20170523_185337


We stayed the night and I had a GRAND ole dangerous time trying these amazing trampoline stilts that Conor didn’t recommend I try at all. It’s a longer way to fall and its hard to fall gracefully with your legs all strapped up. Great fun though! And a fun challenge to boot. With care, I ended up not falling and getting walking down fairly well.

Conor worked in the morning, and recommended we take this state route 60 North to 299 West back to the Coast.

As we drove through, we had to keep an out out for pot holes, and noticed small deer crossing the roads. Everything was perfect. I couldn’t help but stop just to turn off the bikes and reality check with Brian saying, “Can you believe where we are?! This is so incredible!”



As we kept driving, enjoying it all, a baby grizzly cub scampered out of the woods and down in front us, across the road, startling us. Brian looked at me with amazement in his eyes and gave his motorcycle throttle a twist, pulling ahead. I looked around, looking for the mother without any luck. I smiled; I would be nervous if I was on my moped but thankfully was on the trusty and quick Dr650. Shame that I didn’t have my camera more prepared to get a picture.

Until the next one friends!


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