West Coast #11 (San Francisco pt.2 and more)

That night we did some more walking around and had our eyes opened to the sadder side of the city. Our host from the night before had told us about some of the homeless problems here and we now got to see them with our own eyes. Trash was littered everywhere while we walked around with the accompanying foul smell. 20170521_205855

Without trying to look for it, you can easily see people rummaging through the trash cans looking for who knows what.


I saw one more scraggly looking guy pick up half a cigarette. Others that we passed on the street talked incoherently, seeming to be on much more than just alcohol. 20170521_213341

It was really sad. Ellis street had one section just lined with people wrapped up, trying to stay warm. You can see them on the right side.20170521_210436

I wondered for a long time walking around what the best way to help these people would be.

We awoke the next day to find the street that was clean, with our bikes parked on it, now covered in trash from the human raccoons. 20170522_074050

Even in the morning, it was hard to escape the reality of some problems here in SF. 20170522_080252

We talked with some workers at a place we had grabbed a bite to eat the night before, about all the homelessness, drugs, and trash, and they said how you don’t even really notice it after a while. With our shocked questions to them, they kinda shrugged and mentioned how it just becomes normal.

We headed out of the city, but rode down one more beautiful, windy, steep street on our way out. 20170522_10144520170522_101643

North of the bridge, nature came back along with the ocean fog for little while. Muir Beach led us to Stinson Beach where we grabbed lunch from “The Siren Canteen.” A nice little place for burgers and burritos right on the beach. From our recent time in Puerto Rico it was so funny seeing people in this colder weather out sunbathing and getting in and out of the water.

The fog eventually gave way to some sunshine and some of the best motorcycle riding roads ever. 20170522_12034320170522_13185220170522_132515

I was flying around these curves pushing my bike, dropping down a gear, to really throttle around the bends and lean at the maximum angle possible. I was having way too much fun and failed to set up my camera to get a picture leaning into a “25 mph advised turn” at around 55. (I felt like I was back on my sport bike 😀 )

The roads kept their sweetness as we went inland a little bit and happened upon a cherry stand. Yum! The lady selling them was very kind and gave me a 3 dollar bag for 2, when 2 dollars was all I had in my pocket.

Getting back closer to the coast, the cold fog made itself known and some sunbathers where still out! Brian had to pull over to put on more clothes!


We stayed the night in Fort Bragg at a motel 6 knowing that it would be a bitterly cold night hammocking with the temperatures we had just experienced riding so close to the coast.

On the next post, we head up and east near Hayfork California to visit a friend we met in Puerto Rico. : )

Check out my Instagram: @joshjourneys There are some special photos there that don’t make the blog!

P.S. Here’s a sweet picture when we had the sunshine and basked in the marvelous scenery all around us near Muir woods.


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