West Coast #10 (San Francisco pt.1)

The Santa Cruz hostel we stayed out had some beautiful characters staying there. Chris was very friendly offering us some of the veggies he was cooking up. After being in the city of San Diego for such a long time, he started to lose his mind, and decided it was a time for change. Setting of in his vehicle for Alaska, he had a ton of problems and after spending more money than he wanted trying to fix the vehicle, he choose to just say, forget it, and take his bicycle. 20170520_092011

It is cool to meet those that don’t think they can’t, and make a way that they can. He was heading North just like us, and when he left in the morning we said, “see ya later!” I personally cannot IMAGINE doing a trip like this on a bicycle. Even from my mopeding adventure.

One neat thing to mention from the “HI hostel” was their food pantry of no longer sell-able food for the very budget conscious hostel clientele. They had half a refrigerator full of food that was dropped off to be eaten by the hungry instead of just discarded. Another dry section had bagels, muffins, and more. Quite a nice idea.

We explored the downtown and beaches of Santa Cruz a little and met with a friends friend from PR. Lanie! So good to meet you Lanie. : ) We soaked in the vast amusement park scene right on the water. 20170520_132203

One thing I especially remember from Santa Cruz was a girl wearing pajama bottoms with some type of sport bra or swimsuit top while ridding her bike. : P. What a fashion statement.

Continuing up the coast we ran into some cold fog before it broke and guess who we ran into? Hello again Chris. : ) The guy in the orange is biking north from Argentina and has been on the road for quite some time! :O

Before we made it to San Francisco we hit some nice overlooks before the tunnel; what reminded me of Big Sur of the North. Do you see the people in the picture on the left below?

We are soon both pulling into the city. The hills are so steep and the houses coming in from route 1 looked artistic and tasteful to me. 20170520_181310

We pulled up to a hostel that was highly recommended to us from people staying at the hostel in Santa Cruz. Unbeknownst to us, there was a running event, Bay to Breakers, going on this weekend, filling everything up. This hostel was completely booked; dorm rooms, private rooms, and even other hostels dorm rooms in the area. EVEN the ones that had reviews saying they woke up to a rat eating a protein bar from their backpack! We were faced with the option of 140 dollars to sleep or bumming it.

We checked with a local standing outside the first hostel about a place to sleep in the streets of San Francisco more safely, and were told to absolutely NOT BUM it in San Francisco. After talking for a while longer and meeting Emily’s friends we were offered a couch.



While we haven’t had any luck with couch-surfing yet… We sure have been fortunate to meet such kind people to let us couch surf without even using a phone app. : P Thanks again Emily.

The next morning we did some more walking around and I can’t believe how beautiful SF is. And the streets! They are loads and loads of fun on a motorcycle. It’s like a free roller coaster almost everywhere you drive! 20170521_111328


The pictures don’t do justice to the steep grades and signs telling tour buses “Don’t do it! It’s really steep!” Alcatraz popped up in the distance as we came over some more hills.

Chinatown held some fun too with all kinds of things I did not recognize.

Wikipedia says that it is the oldest in North America and I say it’s really something to see. I was transported to another place… Like in a movie… It was wonderful.

We kept on, keeping on, to run into a tiny park with a place for breakfast right next to it. 20170521_130058.jpg

On the way around the city both Brian and I ran into what we both deemed highly archaic. They have buses here connected to overhead power lines. haha. It was funny watching them pull over and get near the end of their “leash.” I would never want to be driving these and feeling like even more of a robot. 20170521_134604(0)

We headed to the Golden Gate bridge in charge of own course, un-tethered from the city web, and with a new sense of freedom! A lovely park came up on the right side as we drove along the north side of the city before hopping on the Golden Gate Bridge. 20170521_135415(0)


We rode above the clouds to the overlooks, eventually heading back down to the park to just relax for a little bit. It was downright frigid while crossing the bridge!

The last thing for this post is our Jollibee visit (They have one in SF!) before spending the night at a hostel dorm room. I enjoyed the taste from long long ago with the Halo-Halo while Brian savored the lovely Peach Mango pie.


Until next time friends.






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