West Coast #8 (Trouble near LA)

Our first leg of the journey had me so curious. Route 15 had some strange massive lights in the desert that were SUPER bright off in the distance and to the right of the highway. 20170515_114728

Does anyone know what strange project this is?

Just a ways farther down the road they had something else I had not seen before. An Agricultural Inspection stop. “ALL vehicles must stop.” This was on the highway.

In between this toll looking place, ladies stood, between the vehicle lanes, watching the vehicles with sharp eyes and waving vehicles through. Brian and I were waved through along with the others around us. I was slightly nervous when pulling up. : O.

The rest of the route was nice with beautiful scenery towards the coast and some more chilly air as we came through some high spots into the more coastal California. And soon enough, we got to Banana Bungalow; our Los Angeles hostel for the night.

I didn’t even realize it, but we our exploration had us walking around right on Hollywood boulevard. It was underwhelming to me. I have seen this place quite a lot on television but didn’t feel a certain vibe or anything really. I didn’t take time to soak in the place and just kept going. 20170516_122629

Our hostel was pretty big being able to host over 100 people. They had a pool table, ping pong, Foosball, some free computers to use, and some nice outdoor seating with those fancy heating lamps.

20170515_210541 We met some other travelers and played a game of pool before heading over to the brother Banana Bungalow hostel 15 minutes down the street for their free BBQ! 20170515_22113620170515_230050

Brian spotlighting with tales of Puerto Rico and our Motorcycle adventures. 

We headed back fairly early with being tired from our ride and the next morning enjoyed a nice included breakfast of some banana’s, cereal, toast, and coffee before heading to Brian’s cousins house. We explored the section of LA by the hostel in the morning weaving back and forth in the narrow heavily vegetated and beautiful Cali homes on our way to the Iconic Hollywood sign.

I found another throwback to the Philippines in LA with a restaurant from my childhood. The Filipino McDonalds; Jollibee. 20170516_190305

Brian questioned my sanity as upon seeing it, I erratically pulled my bike, with a grin on my face and a special sparkle in my eyes. We had just eaten and I foolishly didn’t go in to grab a purple Ube ice cream, buko pandan, peach mango pie, or Halo-Halo. (I won’t spoil the surprise on what DELICIOUS amazing things Ube, Halo-halo, or buko pies are. You’ll have to google it. : ) ) I AM so disappointed writing this that I didn’t stop. I found there is another one on our route that you better believe I will be eating at; AND hopefully convincing Brian to eat at too.

We made it to Brians family and stayed the night. In the morning I ended up doing some fun gymnastics with the kids!

Their skittish dog wouldn’t come to strangers even with a trail of treats! Ridiculous.

Her and I started doing somersaults and then got to the more higher level stuff like headstands when disaster struck. I foolishly hadn’t changed into my full range acrobat attire and ripped my one favorite and only pair of jeans! 20170517_102757

AND not in spot that’s okay to keep wearing.

Things are looking GRIM!

I optimistically pulled out my swimsuit and tucked my jeans away in my bag hoping to come across something to mend them with soon.




Next time on Josh Journeys- the Pacific Coast Highway, Highway 1.






One thought on “West Coast #8 (Trouble near LA)”

  1. I could be wrong but I think the bright lights are huge solar plants and all the mirrors are computerized to reflect the light to those collectors.


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