Puerto Rico #8 (Vieques continued)

Between my hours at the hostel, and being invited to go swimming and adventuring with my friends, my bike challenged me to live up to my Dads incredible mechanical abilities; and I was ready. With some tools borrowed from the workers constructing new private rooms for the hostel and a keen mind, I set to work.

Ebay was super helpful and I learned that with a bike as old as mine, Ebay, a lot of times, was the only option. The official stores told me that the parts were discontinued.  With a voltmeter and some googling I found the problem and ordered a new regulator. After a quick install, my turn signals began to work and my battery now stayed nicely charged!

Whenever I am checking something on my bike or even changing the oil, I can’t help but smile and think about my dad. My first motorcycle was a 150cc scooter that I bought not working and he helped me get it working. I can’t thank you enough Dad for showing me how to fix things and how engines work. (He trained as a pilot mechanic. He can fly the planes and fix them! : ) )

With my motorcycle working so well again, I pushed to leave no road unexplored and found some incredible roads on some of the highest points of the island.

This particular spot had a view of what seemed like a 1/4th of main island and Culebra on one side while the other side boasted a view of St Croix way in the distance and the whole south side of Vieques. While marveling at the view, I talked to some nice British people staying in a very nice house at the top and found out that they were just renting the house for around 400 dollars  day. O_o. It had an infinity pool with some chairs in the water and that view of what seemed like all of Puerto Rico.  If I had a really good telescope I could call my friends in Fajardo and bet I could see them wave to me from the deck of their house. (Mr. Bowers, you gotta drive this road on the motorcycle next time you come visit! : ) )   20170215_104214.jpg

I had to stop at a coconut stand on the side of the road for a refreshing drink. That goat wanted some too.

Some other roads led to nice little gazebo type building overlooking the ferry port; with quite a drop where you hang your feet off the side as well.20170220_150500

Back at the hostel, life was exciting as well. Not so much with the different crazy views but with painting parties and LOTS of hammocking.




Even the others staying at the hostel were getting into the hammock spirit! Absolutely killing it Conor!

A hammocking revolution if you will! Nights at the beach could not escape our hammocking, nor the high spaces in trees.

The sunrise was really something to behold. Another nights adventure was in the mango tree in the back of the hostel.

We even actually got in trouble from the owner of the hostel having a bad dream of someone getting hurt because we were going so high! One morning, before we were banned from the tree tops, I climbed higher than ever before to be out of eyesight and relax with the birds. I could see the ocean over the hostel roof and no one knew I was there until I called to them from above! SO HIGH!

I convinced Ethan to climb up and climb in, and was dying of laughter as he was terrified climbing into the hammock that high up. I was laughing so hard because I was just as nervous when I got in. With the hammock being free to rock back and forth, shaking legs just came naturally with climbing in up there! The next problem that came up was getting out. Ethan resigned for a time for it to be his new home and to never come down with the fear of trying to climb out. He called out to me from way above asking what the best technique for climbing out was, and eventually, with extra caution, wiggled out.

Life working at the hostel was so much more than just work. It is very much a family. We each had our chores for the day and just had a blast hanging out with everyone out of work.


It is amazing how much stuff people leave at our hostel when they leave too. We could almost start a goodwill with all the clothes that are left. We get first dibs and have gotten some killer wardrobe upgrades. 20170214_141552

Looking good guys!

I have kind of kept it a bit under the radar, but I was promoted to assistant manager at the hostel and some of the workers really take it a step up at showing me passion and excellence in their work. I couldn’t help a huge grin coming to my face one night when I saw Ethan standing on top of the washer so the new sheets didn’t touch the ground. I couldn’t have been prouder.


Lastly, we took a trip to San Juan and did some more exploring.

Until the next time friends!

P.S. I have really started to sense a change coming. My position as Assistant Manager at the Lazy Hostel is coming to an end along with the busy season. With all the exploring and adventures I have done, Vieques and Puerto Rico seems pretty well conquered. Culebra, with the incredibly well renowned Flamenco beach, will be visited within a week here, and I am about to buy my airplane ticket to go back to the U.S while my blue Honda here is up for sale. 😦

I am sure you are wondering what is next for me. The gentleman, Brian, sitting in the blue tub in the laundry room picture lives in Colorado and we have planned to do West Coast motorcycle trip together. If you have enjoyed my blog and are interested in seeing parts of California, Oregon, Washington, parts of Colorado and more, I would really appreciate any contribution you feel led to make. You can paypal me here -> Motorcycle Fund < – It will really go a long way in helping me pay for the motorcycle and some riding gear to protect me if I were to fall off.

Flashback photo

I have the new motorcycle lined up. (The Suzuki DR650 (from my friend in Pennsylania) A bike worthy to even drive to Costa Rica on! : P … Oooooo…

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