Puerto Rico #7 (West Coast Pt.2)

Rincon Surf Hostel

I started off the day driving and seeing how much we could see in Rincon before having to head to our next point of interest. The new jeep handled quite well and we headed south for about 10 minutes on the hunt for a good breakfast place.  We were drawn in from a side sign that talked about breakfast sandwiches.

This place had just opened and the cook didn’t even have everything he needed for the full menu, but he told us a few options we could choose from and we choose; waffles, eggs, a muffin, and coffee! The chef was a very nice guy helping us as much as he could with what he had. We enjoyed some coffee while breakfast was prepared in front of us and Adam started of the day right with some dancing! Oh yea Adam. Get it sir!

After breakfast, we thanked our personal chef, (We were the only ones there. It was very delicious) and set off for the Arecibo observatory.

A few wrong turns later and we found ourselves actually using some of the off road ability of the jeep! The road had turned into quite steep areas and almost required us to put that bad boy in 4 wheel drive. IF we had gotten that cheap car we definitely would have had to turn around at quite a few spots.

These areas contained a few excited “wohoo’s” from the passengers and myself, while the radio sat quietly in a beautiful contrast to the quiet and calm sounds of nature all around us.


We were close to the observatory and soon pulled up to the gate. Signs appeared saying no running or loud noises, along with the men at the gate requiring us to turn off our phones or put them in airplane mode. The Arecibo observatory is the biggest single dish radio telescope in the whole world!

After some informational displays and a quick video, we saw it. 20170202_104903

Do you see the guy walking above?

It is 1,000 feet across! We also asked if we are allowed out to the middle, and of course, no. You either have to work here, really know someone high up, or be famous. You may recognize this from some movies like the 1995 James Bond.

Going back to the informational area we shamelessly had some fun with a centrifugal force demo. The lady in charge cracked a smile as we showed the world that no one is too old to have fun. Adam stayed on it for quiiiitteee  a long time before asking when it will stop. It was then that he was informed that it is not just on well greased ball bearings but has a small motor that will keep it spinning until stopped. : P. He was really stumbling when he eventually stepped off.  20170202_110816

With our time schedule we needed to start heading back to the East side of Puerto Rico, but had just enough time to check out a cool swimming spot on the south side of El Yunque.

One tired Adam.


Charco Frio had me hypnotized from the start! Walking beside and through this refreshingly cold river was exactly what I was searching for at El Yunque before.

There were some steep sections and with just a short walk we made it to the a small waterfall with a deep pool. 20170202_140838_001

Incredible. So many great rocks to jump off and and well placed ropes to swing from.

The small waterfall was very strong and we each took turns swimming as hard as we could to try and reach it. When I got close I grabbed the rocks on each side and did a victory yell while telling Bryan, Ryan and Adam about the good bracing technique. There was some hand reaching and teamwork to pull the last few swimmers as close to the waterfall as possible.

Only a little farther up river was a natural waterslide, but we had run out of time.

We still needed to return the car and get back to Vieques with our work the next day.

Everything went well on the way back and we dropped the Jeep off at the resort and I was so thankful to have had such an awesome time with such amazing friends. We got on the ferry and Adam took another well deserved rest. Lol.  20170202_165811

All four of us were short of cash and didn’t have enough on us to get that 3 to 5 dollar per person taxi back to the south side of Vieques. Many different times in the trip we had bought each other a snack from the gas station or bought the others ferry tickets. Cash was tight! (And ATM fee’s are no joke!) We came to a group consensus that hitchhiking was the proper way to end the trip.

As the ferry pulled into Vieques with the sun starting to set, I wasn’t sure that people would want to pick us up in the dark. Walking away from the Ferry station, the four of us were kindly offered a ride within 5 minutes of walking, and we were on our way back home. 🙂


Thanks for joining me my friends! Until the next one.

P.S. My dear friend Adam (who runs the beach with me) made an awesome video I have to share…You may recognize a LOT in it; including yours truly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCGi9SpQflo




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