Puerto Rico #6 (Visitors :O )

What have I been up too, you ask? Well…. I’ll tell you. There have been some bonfires with fire dancing.20161213_230119

One of the hostel worker named Aaron was also a very talented fire dancer. This fascinating man has done some stuff most people wouldn’t dare. 20161202_104957

He has walked 5,000 miles across Africa in a year and a half to raise money for clean water. I was thankful to hear first hand about the time he was almost eaten by lions, trampled by  elephants, and the many fascinating interactions he had with all types of people. Aaron and the girl he walked with continually refused people offering them rides and carried everything with them. He has pictures and other interesting stories on his website “Walk4Water.org.”

While I continued to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean weather, the hostel kept bringing fascinating people right to my door. And there were many fun times with new friends. A few guys had rented mopeds and being loaded up with passengers, we headed out as I showed them the best hidden roads and scenic outlooks I have discovered on the island.

Later on, my good friend Bryan and I decided to check out the fancy places in Vieques and see what spending a minimum of 240 a night for housing looks like. He hopped on the back of my motorcycle and we both hoped for entrance into two of the nicest resorts on the island. The first on the list was Blue Horizon. It is less than 10 minutes down the road from Esperanza. We shortly arrived and walked into the bar trying not to look too suspicious and began to look around. It immediately felt so different from the Vieques we were used to with the fancy well cut lawn and very fine dining area.

The infinity pool overlooking the ocean was marvelous. Without going somewhere we really shouldn’t, we headed out to the other resort and assumed our other personas. The “W’s” cheap rooms according to their website started at 422 a night. Brian decided to be a “German engineer” and I was going to be in medical school. We felt great. As we pulled up, the security gate right at the front asked us why we were there. We answered that we were going to the bar. They proceeded to ask us for a name and wrote it down on some paper. Hmm….. It was a very cool feeling being young guys riding into this extremely fancy place on a beautiful classic motorcycle that had a bit of a growl coming from the exhaust as we drove in. We both had a grin plastered on our faces. 20161227_141845.jpg This resort was even better than the last one. The people here each looked important and I wondered what each of them had done to have money for a place like this. While it wouldn’t be impossible for me to pay the money to stay here, it would hurt my bank account sooooo much more than any enjoyment from using the grounds and maybe sleeping on a gold mattress. There were quite a few different private beaches with well dressed waiters walking around and taking orders.

It wasn’t long after seeing the amazing pool with some type of water chairs in the pool I had never seen before that I also saw a saw a sign saying for guests only. We walked back and sat down. Both Bryan and I do not have a lot of money, and neither do our families. Bryan told me how it had been such a long time since he had gone on a family vacation. My poor friend Bryan (pun intended) was completely blown away this very different way of living. He told me that he has now decided to be rich. Lol. We both told each other how if we came into money we would take the other to a fancy place like this. Maybe I’ll call Bryan and his family one day and see if they can have a vacation with me and my family at a really fancy place.

I count myself incredibly blessed with the money I have, opportunity to travel, motorcycle, friends, and family. We climbed back on the motorcycle, thankful for all the amazing things we have. There are a lot of people that money has burdened instead of blessing.  While fueling up at the gas station before heading back to the south side of Vieques, Brian walked out with a special treat for the both of us.

Thanks so much for the delicious ice cream! : )

Speaking of family. My family was on their way to Puerto Rico and it was only a few days before they landed and got to see my little island and friends here.  I had the most wonderful plans of having coffee with my mom, exploring the rain forest on the main island, showing them around Vieques, and more.

My friends in Fajardo who have the sailboat very kindly picked up my family from the airport and I took the ferry to see them as soon as possible. My dad gave me a huge hug after I departed the ferry, and we headed just down the road to see my mom and sisters. After hugs all around, and catching up, we had dinner and talked about the plans for the next couple of days! To my family and my enjoyment, we were going to sail to Vieques. We set off early the next morning.20170104_112500

My sister and I both had fun, like I had before, in the dinghy as we sailed. My sisters worked hard to try and catch up to my tan level. image

When we arrived, I showed them my house, the beautiful hike overlooking Sun Bay, snorkeling spots and more. It was absolutely wonderful. Spending the night on the boat, the sunrise the next morning was magnificent. 20170105_070430.jpg

It wouldn’t be complete without some coffee with my mom either. Back in Michigan, I would go on a lot of walks with my mom and we would even wake up 20170105_065102early with coffee in a thermos and go see Lake Michigan together.

We did some more exploring and I took it easy on the pictures and just enjoyed the time being with my family and friends.

Once we sailed back to the main island of Puerto Rico we had a little bit of time exploring the rain forest, going to some beaches, and even exploring old San Juan.

And in what seemed like no time at all, my family was already packing up their bags to go back home. As my mom hugged me goodbye, she unknowingly left me with a feeling of sadness when I saw the tears in her eyes.

Until next time.

P.S. I was so excited for my Dad to ride my motorcycle (He had one like it when he was my age), but when I tried to get it started for him to ride it, I couldn’t get it to start and stay running! :/ I was also quite bummed with how much my sisters would have loved to go on a ride with me.






2 thoughts on “Puerto Rico #6 (Visitors :O )”

  1. Fire Dancing? That would have been fun. Next time we come you’ll have to show us what that is like. Loved the post Josh, but love you more. Dad


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