Miami again :D (Day 32)

With the new friends and the ever bustling Miami, I couldn’t bring myself to leave just yet. There was so much to explore. The room I slept in was small with a few other guys coming in and out at different times in the night. There is a huge party scene in Miami and coming back at 5 o’clock is not irregular at all. Two of the gentleman were from Sao Paulo, Brazil. They both had exciting stories comparing the wild night life in Brazil with how crazy it got in Miami.   20161012_085654

It was another lazy day of meandering around and of course going to the beach. 20161012_145325.jpg

I wouldn’t have been surprised at all if I had seen movie stars or other famous people on the beach. It was filled with a mix of party groups, some families, and other super models enjoying the sun. 20161012_144814


Miami offers a lot and I don’t have to go anywhere else to nail down my Spanish. One of my other roommates only spoke Spanish. It was spoken everywhere down here. From the hostel front desk to when I ordered a fruit smoothie down the street. The lady taking my order didn’t even understand my English when I asked what kind of smoothie she would recommend.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I love it though. What a great way for me to practice.  20161011_202728

I walked around and ended up back at my hotel to say goodbye to some people who were leaving. One girl from Turkey made me laugh as she sat on her suitcase to zip it closed. She was off to Tampa and told her to send her a message when I make it to Turkey! 20161012_133800

Everyone that came to this hostel was from all over the world. Romania, Serbia, Russia, Finland, Switzerland, Norway, and more. My kinda place. So many fascinating people to talk to and learn from.

I did a lot more exploring and walking around before calling it a night. So much to see in Miami. 20161012_135648


4 thoughts on “Miami again :D (Day 32)”

  1. Hey Josh, i really like your blog. It’s nice to read your stories about Miami and see myself on the pictures. Awesome time it was! Good memories, especially for me right now: i’m back in Holland and the wheater is shitty. Hope you’re doing well and i will follow your adventures. Take care & have fun!

    Grtz, Erik


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