Key West (Day 33)

I woke up and decided to continue the trek to Key West. Working in Miami definitely was something I was considering. I love seeing people in the mornings biking around, walking their dog, going out to eat, and enjoying the beach and weather. Sitting at home looking at the same colored walls is not where I want to be. Inspiration to run in the mornings comes naturally with all the other people out exercising and seizing the day.

I hopped on my moped and zipped toward the main downtown area of Miami.   The skyscrapers were plentiful with a sky train conveniently transporting people around. For a moment I wished for the quite back country roads from earlier on my trip, but it soon passed. You really got to keep sharp when driving in the city. I noticed a few cop cars but they seemed not to take much interest in me. There were quite a few other mopeds on the street. There have been times that I secretly stand behind my moped blocking the license plate area from a passing cop or turn off to go around one to avoid being pulled over again. One of the scariest times was rushing to catch my airport ride in Palm Beach. I noticed a cop car ahead and pulled off immediately to avoid him. 400 dollars down the drain from missing my flight because of explaining my moped trip to a cop is not something I wanted.  Those West Palm Beach cops really like to pull people over.

I skirted along the back downtown Miami roads temporarily avoiding route 1 and going through Coconut Grove. 20161013_114054.jpg


There was a nice area that I grabbed a fruit salad for lunch before continuing on my way to the keys. I thought about seeing the everglades but was excited about actually making it Key West. It was a four hour drive by car and I didn’t know how long it would take me.

The road changed into many more lanes at 45 to 55 mph. Not too shabby. I have been on much worse. 20161013_124543

Not too long and I could feel the excitement in my belly from an upcoming shift in scenery. Signs were coming up for the keys. The road changed again in to a two lane road with some occasional passing and turning lanes.20161013_134804 The overlooks on both sides had a lot of open spaces full of vegetation at first which soon changed to the most beautifully colored water I have seen. It was so clear. I will get a better picture to hopefully better portray the stunning water. It looks so inviting.20161013_141147

I saw a blimp floating in the sky that works against drug operations. and continued through Key Largo. There were a lot of signs for scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, and even small key deer areas. I may not have been on the right road though because Key Largo didn’t convince me to stop from what I saw in passing on route 1. I drove over some more huge bridges and watched a few others get pulled over by cops waiting in bottleneck positions for speeders. Haha. So nice that speeding is not something I have to worry about. :P.

I noticed some iguanas on the side of the road, and fighter jets thundering over head. They must be from the navy air force station. What an amazing view they must have from above. They were pretty low in some spots probably marveling at the crystal blue water and charming little islands all around us.


I soon made it to Key West and got a little choked up driving in. After all the mountains, hours in the saddle, new friends, wild camping, and beautiful new places, I had done it.

I felt very unsure if I wanted this chapter to be finished, but this was the destination. Mopeds surrounded me as I continued to the iconic furthest point south in the continental United States.

I drove around a bit noticing the pink taxi’s and duval street before ending up at another hostel near the downtown section.

Is this the end of the blogging for a while? I am not sure. I hope that each of my readers have been able to share in the excitement I have had over the last month and get a small taste of what life has been like for me. Thanks for joining me. I am going to do a victory lap around Key West tomorrow and will do one more post showcasing the area.

Here is the place I ended up staying last night.20161014_095217


P.S. The moped clutch still needs to be replaced, but I can make it work by keeping it engaged and holding the brake. I first started having problems with it when I went to the beautiful Alexander springs. After 13,000 miles I am not disappointed in it. The pending moped registration court case fiasco is still underway as I keep trying to contact people and see what needs to be done. Until next time.



4 thoughts on “Key West (Day 33)”

  1. Hi Josh! Glad you’re back on the road again! Your uncle Bill and I, along with another couple road bikes the 100 miles across the Florida Keys to Key West. That was 18 months ago for my 50th birthday. It was the BEST! Stayed in resorts along the way while our luggage was shipped ahead for us by courier. We really enjoyed the keys…no place like it. I have to confess, reading your blog today, I’m a bit jealous!!!


  2. Glad to read your blog. Pastor Russ,Ben and I went snorkeling in Key Largo. Awesome experience. I will be watching to see what you decide to do next.


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