Sunrise at 30,000 feet (Day 30 and 31)

The day started off very early with having to catch an early 6 o’clock flight. Goodbye Cincinnati. I was soon to my departing gate and was enjoying the nice morning. I hadn’t had coffee, but doing something exciting is its own type of caffeine. Was I tired, sure…, but as I walked onto the plane the thought of sleeping got pushed farther back in my mind.

We taxied to takeoff and as the engines fired up, I grinned. It is always an amazing feeling as the plane lifts of the ground. How could I sleep with my window seat and expensive view of all the house lights and car head beams down below me. The highway was pretty busy, and I wondered what people are doing this early.

It wasn’t too long before the sun started to remind me of it’s presence with the horizon beginning to glow. It reminded me how glad I am to not be sleeping at home, or in the same old routine of a 8-5 job. 20161010_070233.jpg

I don’t know what job I will have when this trip gets done, but I don’t want to sun to go back down on what life can be when you are not stuck doing something you don’t really want to do. Each day on my trip has been very rewarding in setting out to do something and accomplishing it. There have been some bumps in the road, but with the right mindset, the glass can really be half (or more) full. It is cool to not be dreaming about what I would be doing with each day and actually doing it.

We touched down in Atlanta and I hopped on the next plane. It has been a long time since I have ridden ole Bintelli. The plan was to make it all the way to Miami today as well. The airport was only about 6 miles from where it was parked and after the plane landed in West Palm Beach, I set off on foot.

20161010_101330.jpg The airport exit area was terrible for walking. The fences and fast roads made me nervous and feel extremely out of place. I walked back and ended up taking a taxi out of the area to get closer downtown. The red lights seemed super long with the time clock constantly racking up the money. I let him know as soon as getting off the highway that anywhere was good.  Grabbing my backpack, it couldn’t have been more than 2 miles the rest of the way.

I didn’t see much evidence of Hurricane Matthews.  There were a few leaves and palm branches down and the boarded up houses, but no fallen trees or other damage I could see. It must have missed West Palm Beach. 20161010_104248.jpg

I made it to Cassandra’s and grabbed the moped with the new registration in my backpack. She wasn’t able to be around with work and Miami beckoned. A1A was the route and I was a little nervous about the presence of cops. : /. What can you do though?

More huuuuugeee houses. It would have been cool to meet some of the people that owned these. If I had a house like this, I would really want it to be used. I would have to invite everyone over or would really feel strange. Even with a family and a lot of kids I am not sure all the rooms would be used.

I kept going a little bit farther, and noticed more flashing lights behind me.     : (  I pulled over and got ready for some explaining. It wasn’t just one cop car either. There were two cop cars. What had I done?

I explained my story and handed him the new registration, my drivers license, and explained that I don’t think he will be able to find any record of the moped in his database.

I sat in the grass off the side of the road as the cop lights kept flashing. I am sure he just wanted to make sure my drivers license checked out.  He walked back out handing me my info and understood how Michigan could just require a sticker. It was mentioned that I may be pulled over again because it doesn’t look like I have anything on the back (like their required plate) when I ride by. He wished me luck, and did not particularly want his picture taken. I asked about the other ticket and he said to just give the court house a call tomorrow. I thanked him and scooter-ed away. That new registration I got in Michigan was a good idea. (Whether I officially need it or not.)

I came through more little beach towns and stopped to soak it in. It was quite windy today, but in Florida fashion, there is always someone at the beach. 20161010_140121.jpg

I stopped at the beautiful Hollywood beach on the way and walked around before heading to the huge city of Miami!

Driving in got kinda hectic but I did notice a few other mopeds. Driving definitely required a lot of attention as the buses would keep stopping in the right lane and people were constantly changing lanes to get around others.

On my way in, I noticed a crotch rocket coming up extremely fast behind me and quickly moved to the right as he flew by me seconds later and the cars up ahead. Welcome to Miami. Lamborghini’s and Porsche’s started popping up all around me.

I kept mopeding down the strip past the Rolls Royce’s and soon arrived to the hostel for the night. 20161010_174546

Accents and other languages galore! It was amazing! I met some people over the included dinner who were from Germany, Holland, France Iceland, Michigan, and more.  20161010_18011720161010_183353

Very cool. I walked around the main strip after and saw all sorts of interesting things. 20161010_185925.jpg

The different restaurants had well dressed guys and girls standing out front ready to start up a conversation letting you know about their specials and how you can just grab a drink if you are not hungry. 20161010_191006.jpg I walked past a hooka lounge and one of the patrons had a snake. The whole street was so busy, for me, on a Monday night! I can’t even imagine what it would be like a Friday. 20161010_191447.jpg

On the way back I found a pretty little car directly across from the hostel. 20161010_195231.jpg

It was night full of meeting new people. The one guy I want to mention today is this guy from France. He is a professional skier and is taking a 5 month break to go all around the U.S.  20161010_210920.jpg

More socializing before bed, and exciting things for tomorrow.

I woke up and had cereal for breakfast on the hostel. They actually give you 3 meals a day if you want. what a great way to save money as the restaurants have a lot of choices at 30 dollars a piece… And it was a beach day! 20161011_15545120161011_155501

This was the beach on a Tuesday. I think that the people down here either don’t need to work, work strange hours, or are mostly visitors. Not sure, but the people we talked with near the hostel group at the beach were travelers from Canada and Germany.

I walked around exploring more and noticed some interesting signs and the darker side to Miami. I was asked multiple times about weed and if I had any cocaine. 20161011_113735

I didn’t feel nervous at all while walking around, but have also never been asked if I had cocaine with me before. A handful of homeless people hung out near the beach and other sellers and people looking for Coke would say coke while walking by you.

Most of the time, I have just noticed people enjoying the nice weather. A lot of people were dressed up while others were dressed down. I sneakily got this picture of some girls making a statement with their footwear. If I had asked, they probably would have even posed for me.   20161011_163751

I grabbed a fresh coconut and started drinking the delicious juice while strolling around. 20161011_16360620161011_164739

I like it. Miami may have some problems with 24 hr closed circuit cameras all around the hostel, but I like the energy of people enjoying the beach, bicycling around town, grabbing a bite to eat and more.

One restaurant had dancers that would stand on the table and dance to Latin music to entertain the diners. 20161010_203056

Until tomorrow… I may be going to the Everglades with some of my friends at the hostel.

P.S. I called that number and left a message about the citation, but haven’t been contacted back yet. Hopefully tomorrow.


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