Interlude (Hello! : ) )

(These days are not going to be counted towards the moped adventure, but are just for filling people in on what is happening before the official adventure resumes Monday.)

I called the special phone number I was given to find out if this moped issue could be dismissed. The call went straight to the answering machine saying that they are closed for the hurricane and, with Columbus day, they will open back up on Tuesday! :/

Time to get the registration completely taken care of. It was kinda strange driving my car again to the secretary of state. I liked having some good acceleration, but you didn’t nearly have the road space like on a bike. In busy sections on the moped, I am much more relaxed knowing that if someone jumped out, I have way more room to avoid them without hitting an oncoming vehicle. With a car, there is no room to “play” in the lane. You have to be so much more attentive about not crossing any lines.

There was a little bit of waiting a the Secretary of State, but everything went wonderfully and I walked out with the new registration in my name.

The next day was for exploring Art prize. It was quite the drizzly day in Grand Rapids, but many people were still out enjoying all the unique art throughout the city. The portrait is actually a ton of tightly grouped and colored toothpicks.

Another interesting exhibit was pieces of wood cut at different angles and in such a way that when the light was turned on, a face appeared. With the light off, nothing stood out. 20161006_114133

There were many more pieces that are difficult to capture well with a camera and need to be experienced in person.

I w20160907_192651as originally going to be flying out of Michigan to head back South, but my dad mentioned that he was going to visit my brother and sister in law in Cincinnati! I bought my ticket to fly South from Cincinnati on Monday instead.

If you have been following along this whole time, you will remember that I had stopped here very early on in my trip and said hello to these beautiful people!

It may be hard to tell from the picture, but my sister in law was very pregnant and past her due date! With my expensive airplane ticket and the way things worked out, I got to come and see my little nephew Ori much sooner than I had originally planned. 20161008_085525_001

It’s Saturday now, and the next updates will continue with my plane ride back to West Palm Beach!

Rest assured that there are still some very interesting miles and adventures ahead. : )

I hope you can join me, and until then.

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