A costly decision (Day 29)

I woke up and it was looking like a truly gorgeous morning. The sun was just coming up and my host asked if I wanted to experience the best coffee in West Palm Beach!… And of course I did! : ) We went and grabbed some Cuban coffee at the Havana Restaurant. It is the only non-chain restaurant I have ever been that has a 24 hour walk up window for if you are hungry at 4:00 A.M or want some coffee at 12. They serve food any and all times of the day for everyone’s schedule. The coffee was fantastic.

Cassandra offered to show me around some of the most interesting places on the way back, and we headed towards palm beach, to the “1 percent” area.


She explained how quite a few of the homes are owned by celebrities and many are more than 10 million dollars! With your yacht sitting out back in the Intracoastal waterway, and the Atlantic directly in front, I can see why the prices are a bit steep.

With hurricane Matthew coming in, many of the houses and hotels where tightly boarded up with roll down metal doors protecting the windows. 20161004_074002

We drove back over the bridge and drove along the waterfront property facing palm beach. My amazing tour guide, explained how she knew the owners of some of these nice houses, and how one in particular had made their money from penny stocks.

We pulled back into her driveway and I made sure to get a picture before I headed to the courthouse.

Off to the courthouse I went. I begrudgingly shoved another 5 dollars into the machine for parking and headed in. This shouldn’t take too long, but I would hate to interrupt the official helping me and ask if I can run out to drop some more money into the parking meter.

With my moped, I didn’t have a spot to put my bag and carried it in with me. The security at the front had me pull out the laptop, rain fly stakes, and more for the x-ray machine. They offered to throw away my electric razor, along with a few other items, or I would have to take them back to my car. Those are the options. I walked outside and hid these items as my moped was pretty far. Good enough.

I got through the scanner and arriving to the right office, grabbed a ticket and sat down. 20161004_091114

This glass window between each official really set quite the… umm… ambiance. When my number was called, the lady wasn’t able to do anything for me as it was a mandatory court date. I explained my situation but she didn’t have any power to do anything. If you are not going to be in the area, you have to get a public defendant. There were no real options coming up here. I spoke with one other lady who set up the paperwork for me to get a public defendant. She was surprised by this citation, but I had to jump through the correct hoops to get it taken care of, and even to just get it dismissed.

I walked over to the building next door to turn in the paperwork I had just filled out, and the receptionist said that a letter with a phone number will be coming in the mail  to my home address. This number will be for my public defendant. The day just keeps getting sweeter. I had hoped to speak to someone, but it looks like that is not going to happen. I tried one last time in explaining more to the secretary how I was driving a moped, legally licensed in Michigan, down to the keys. (The citation does not mention anything about this)  She was surprised and kindly wrote down a separate number highlighting it on the paperwork. “Give this number a call tomorrow afternoon and tell them what you told me.” she said. I walked out with the highlighted number and had to wait till tomorrow. (The citation wasn’t yet fully in their system and I assume this is why she told me to wait till tomorrow.)

I could almost cry from finally getting a decent lead. I went to the beach for a bit and really mulled over what I needed to do. I should have gotten a letter from the previous owner expressly stating his permission for me to use his vehicle while the sticker was still good, or have spent the 20 dollars to just change it into my name and kept the registration with me (whether I officially need it or not with a moped.) I got a electronic copy of the registration from my dad, as I had mistakenly left it at home, and there was no fine print saying anything on it about having 15 days from purchase to transfer to the new party. There is no title in Michigan with other fine print or other paperwork for a moped: it is solely the registration.

To sell my moped in Key West, I technically should have it in my name. I could give the signed registration over to the new owner but don’t want to conduct any questionable business, or put them in a hard spot. It was looking like this may be a costly lesson to learn. I quickly decided that, to put the best foot forward, I should get the registration changed into my name and try and grab that letter from the previous seller just in case. I did still have that highlighted number from the receptionist to call tomorrow afternoon though. I am legally registered in Michigan with the sticker, and I still don’t know if any police officer can find anything for a Michigan 50cc moped in his database.

Away from Hurricane Matthew I flew to take care of some business. I really think the absolute most of Cassandra and want to thank you again for being able to take me to the airport and leave my moped in the garage for the few days I am gone. Thank you Cassandra and stay safe with the hurricane!

The 400 dollar flight did hurt a lot, but it was lessened by the opportunity to get some amazing aerial footage for my fine readers!    20161004_17561720161004_175640

It was stunning, and really put into perspective for me how far I have traveled on my moped.  I looked down over the roads and the wonderfully familiar areas all along the coast. There have been so many times where I have meet people and excitedly talked with them about their home city of Savannah, St Augustine, Charleston, Wilmington, and more. That itself has made the trip worth it to me. I really like looking at a map and being familiar with it. I am not just taking for granted that it is the way google says it is, but can vouch for the beautiful scenery and amazing people all along the way.


A short stop in Atlanta and I was back in the air heading home.  I was struck by the fact that earlier today, I had no intention of being back in Michigan that same day. With money in our world today, it is incredible what can be done. If I can financially swing it, I could be in Paris tomorrow. This makes me dream, and feel incredibly free to be like Cassandra and not sit at a desk somewhere feeling trapped.


We landed in Grand Rapids, and I felt my swimsuit I was still wearing that had just been in Riviera beach, Florida earlier today. The salt water gave it a certain stiffness that you can’t get anywhere around Michigan. Just amazing.

It was nice to be home and very kind for my dad to pick me up in my car. AND COLD!!! It was so cold at 63 degrees. Yikes!

I worked on the blog and headed to bed. The journey will be continuing here in Michigan for a few days before I head back to Florida on Saturday and continue to Key West! While in Michigan I am going to go checkout the one of a kind Artprize in the amazing Grand Rapids this year. Artists have their art all around the city in restaurants, museums, parks, and more. The public can vote and there are two grand prizes of 200,000 dollars! I am excited!

Until next time.


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