Racing to Daytona (Day 26)

I hadn’t yet taken route A1A and was very excited to see what it was going to be like. I pictured something like the route for the outer banks which was just lovely. The route did not disappoint.  This is just the picture to my right as I zip right along with the ocean to the left. 20161001_100144

There was a lot to look at with people fishing and stand up paddle boarding in these magical Florida lagoons. It was very close to this spot that I saw some dolphins playing near a man on a paddle board. 20161001_100048

The lagoons beckoned inaudibly to me with a special kind of adventure and secret beautiful animals and sights. I can only imagine what else, besides dolphins, someone exploring might see. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were all types of fish, otters and other wildlife just under the surface ready for your viewing pleasure.

I made it a bit farther down the road where the ocean view opened up magnificently to the houses. 20161001_102623

And a small town popped up with people surfing and enjoying the sunshine. 20161001_103043

I started to notice other motorcycles appearing all around me. They must also have wondered about this route, and had come out to enjoy this beautiful road. Shout out to the guys on the big bikes giving me the biker wave on my little Bintelli.

It wasn’t much longer before I had made it to the Ormond beach area right before Daytona. From a friends recommendation, I stopped for lunch at a Jamaican place called the Kale Cafe. There was the classic picture of Bob Marley hanging on the wall and the fitting music playing in the background as I ate my vegetarian burger. The Jamaican lady behind the counter was jammin to the music that was playing over the loudspeakers as she helped the next customer.

From here, the Alexander hot springs were begging to be explored and I set off to go inland.  The road was beautiful but quite fast in some areas. Doing this route on a bicycle would be crazy. It would take forever! With that in mind, 40mph is really moving. I like to think about that when these trucks are burning extra gas as they zoom on by. 20161001_124542

Lots of nice trees though, and I could tell I was getting closer to what could be a beautiful park. And then there was this sign! Wild camping could be a little bit scarier than normal tonight, that is for sure! It’s not that a bear would attack, but coming from a place that you don’t even have to think about them can somewhat heighten the fear factor when hearing the noises in the night.20161001_130226

As I slowed down to turn into the entrance to the park, ole Bintelli seemed to get a super low idle and the engine almost shut off. Oh boy. I feathered the throttle, got it up to speed again, and pushed the thought to the back of my mind to slowly formulate what it could be.

Before I had much time to pinpoint what I thought had caused this small engine hick-up, I had arrived to the spring. Alexander Springs had camping right next to the water and I decided it would be a good place to enjoy the afternoon and sleep deeper and more trouble free with the other campers being close.


The water was right around 72 degrees all year and was incredibly clear. My Gopro camera wasn’t charged in time for me to catch the 8 scuba divers exploring the deep area, but I was able to go pretty close to the bottom myself. It couldn’t have been more than 30ft in the section where I saw them. Still very cool though!

There were signs saying beware of the alligators and not to mess with or feed them! There were similar signs for not feeding bears! It is illegal. They had bear proof trash cans for disposing of food and other cans. The trick was pushing in a latch designed for our human longer fingers before it would allow the lid to lift up. Clever! 20161001_16374920161001_170344 And as it got dark, I set up my hammock, with the bug net, in the campground, and called it a night. 20161001_174127


3 thoughts on “Racing to Daytona (Day 26)”

  1. I’m looking forward to your next post so we know you didn’t get eaten by a bear or an alligator. :o) And for that matter all the bugs.


  2. Hey, Josh – keep a close eye on “Matthew” as it bears down on southeast Florida. Think you might be in its path . . . Take CARE. JEFF


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