St Augustine pt. 2 (Day 25)

I woke up at the Pirate Haus hostel and was excited for the free pancake breakfast. The owner makes special designs in the pancakes like a skull and crossbones, your name, and more. 20160930_091424

I didn’t mention this earlier, but yesterday I was sitting in the chair of the guy drinking, when the guy on the phone walked past! These two guys were friends I had met earlier who worked in Savannah. I was so excited to see Kevin and Steven again!  20160930_090101.jpg Kevin couldn’t pass up taking the moped for a spin and laughed saying he couldn’t believe I had driven it this far.

They headed out in the morning, and my job for the day was to see what there is to see in St Augustine. I walked around the tastefully decorated hostel grabbing some pictures. There was another map with pins for people to show where you came from. The national geographic type pictures lining the bathroom wall were great.  I stood there just looking at all the different pictures of places and people from all around the world. I loved it.

Here is the outside of the hostel. When I looked at my moped in the morning, someone had stolen my bag of oil! But why? It wasn’t full and the whole thing was about 5 dollars. Strange. Maybe a homeless person needed to oil their chain or thought it was something else.  20160930_090207.jpg

The day was full of interesting and really cool shops. One popcorn shop was handing out samples and I walked in to see what other flavors they had. I felt like they had everything you could imagine: Cinnabon, Salt and Viniger, Cilantro Lime, Apple pie, Beer Cheese Soup, Dill Pickle, Pina Coloda, Plus. 20160930_142026.jpg

Of course I had some! 😛 20160930_15025620160930_180200

When I got back over to the Fort, I saw something that made me remember! “Ahhh… the tide!” Amazing! With the opportunity to explore more, I climbed down and walked over the rocks seeing these little crabs scurrying and the birds on the hunt.


I found some precarious places to stand and felt awesome.

I found some other cool shops back in the downtown area that had the most delicious gourmet popsicles. I walked in with my mind set on only seeing what they offered, but couldn’t resist. With the all natural fruit popsicles with healthy flavors I got the avocado coconut and was so glad I did. 20160930_18135820160930_181418

Today was feeling even extra like a vacation. I walked through the Ripleys believe it museum and made my way over to the fountain of youth. Reading about people that are changing themselves to look like a reptile was just weird, but there were a few other interesting stories of people teaching their horse to smoke, or a 70 year old souix indian chief being a complete boss. Wow.

I really walked a lot today and still had more to see. I came to the James Coleman signature gallery and really enjoyed walking around and looked at masterful and delightful paintings. Each and everyone of them had a certain beauty to it. Having anyone of them in my house would have been cool.

Looking back at my pictures I should have taken a few more after the owner gave me full permission. I did not grow up loving paintings, but these ones really had a certain charm and feeling to them.  Gazing at the different landscapes even invoked a sense of calmness and peace.

I walked out and continued down to the college. The buildings here were a piece of art themselves.

I headed back as the sun was setting to get back to the hostel and noticed that someone at the college had stolen my moped! That, or they had the same one. 20160930_183013.jpg

Upon closer inspection it was just the same kind, in worse shape, and only had 6,000 miles! It’s barely broken in! Does this guy even moped? Lol.

Back at the hostel I met some more new friends and a Russian named Roman. He has been travelling the world doing volunteer programs for over a year now. He has some of the most fascinating stories from Brazil, California, Guatemala, and more. I was excited for the next time I would see him around the world.

He was flexing, and not going to punch anyone. 🙂

Goodnight! Tomorrow… Daytona and a natural spring that Jenny from the hostel recommended. Thanks Jenny.

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