Northern Florida (Day 24)

First things first for the day was breakfast. I typically like to find a local (non-chain) restaurant, but my moped was actually making a loud noise from the exhaust. I wanted to get it fixed and headed toward a googled power sports shop.  Jason from Bintelli mentioned that this may happen with the engine mount screws being cross threaded. He had attached it as tight as possible and I had decided to only address it if it became a problem.

I stopped at the Cracker Barrel that was right next to the power sports shop. I was so hungry. Today I was going to order what sounded good. Typically, getting extra sides or a drink other than water isn’t something that I do, but I was really hoping for as hearty of a meal as possible. Normally the day is full of two meals and some produce stands for fresh fruit.

20160929_113244 I ordered some apple cider and a delicious breakfast. Cracker Barrel is a tasty and great place that I associate with my birthday as I fondly remember my dad taking me here for a birthday meal.

20160929_111820-1 Yum! I surveyed the other people around me enjoying their breakfast and smiled. After finishing this food, I kept thinking about a yogurt parfait I noticed on the menu and decided to go for it. I really love yogurt. It is a like a healthy dessert. Cracker Barrel was a great choice today. My backpack was in the seat beside me with my helmet resting on the table. My server walked over and handed me my check telling me that someone had already paid it.

“What, seriously?””Who?” “Why?” I kindly interrogated my server trying to figure out what happened. Normally, there is some reason for why you would pay for someone’s meal. Did I look like a truly dashing adventurer, ready to take on any mountain, that inspired someone to want to pay for me? Did I look like I financially needed the free meal ticket? Hmm.. There must have been something. She said that there was a lady who had hopped up and gone to the register and insisted in paying my meal. Man…. now I felt bad about getting the cider and the parfait! It was about 12 dollars without the tip. I never was able to find out who it was though, or thank them.

I walked out the door smiling even more than normal. Wow. What a crazy start to the day. This is the second time this year that someone I have never met has paid for my meal.


This shop said they don’t work on mopeds, and I politely thanked them and continued down the road. Next place was in Jacksonville. 20160929_13045020160929_130514

The Florida border! The last state that was planned for my moped trip. Hmm..

It was really warm. Nice. I guess I have really come quite a ways South.


Well, it’s not Georgia. Hello again traffic. 17 South was 60mph in a few areas. There are shoulders for bikers though. If I had a 150cc moped I can’t say that I would be terribly nervous going on the interstate if it was legal. (I wouldn’t want to and wouldn’t choose too, but I have gotten used to going 20 under the speed limit.) If I could go 60 when everyone was going 80 it wouldn’t be too different than these side road.

I arrived at the shop that sells Bintelli bikes and asked for an estimate on how much it would cost. Turns out that Jaguar Power Sports is owned by Justin’s (from Bintelli) brother. : P They had all kind of cool bikes. If you don’t believe the 116 amazing google reviews about the place, I can vouch for how incredible these guys are. I didn’t particularly want to stay in Jacksonville and was trying to make it to St Augustine. They generously and kindly were able to fit me in right away. They put in a new exhaust stud and even changed my oil for me.

So many MOPEDS!
So pretty. : )

20160929_155135 I have been shown the utmost kindness on my trip. Thank you for fitting me in with such short notice and being an example to every other shop of how business should be done.

It wasn’t more than an hour and half and I was back on the road headed to St Augustine.


This vehicle was HUGE!

It wasn’t long before I had arrived to quite the spot.

I walked around exploring and decided on the pirate house hostel. So much to see and explore here. There were some stingrays just chilling in the water near the fort. People were walking around, or sitting and soaking it all in. Lovely, just lovely. 20160929_19154920160929_191709

Until tomorrow then.

3 thoughts on “Northern Florida (Day 24)”

  1. Josh, Mom and I were there on the same streets last Nov. Dec. when we went to Orlando and then spent time with Jim and Stacy. What fun to think you walked and saw some of the same things. If you didn’t take the trolley tour you should…if you are still there. It took you all around town and told you about things. you can get on and off at different stops too. Lots of fun.


  2. Congratulations!!! You made it! I have so enjoyed your posts… you’re a GREAT writer. Thanks for taking us on your journey. Many blessings to you, Josh!


  3. Pastor Russ and Ben and I visited St. Augustine when Russ was on sabbatical years ago. I had read a historical fiction story about St. Augustine that focused on the woman who lived in the OLDEST HOME in the USA. You can still visit it in St. Augustine. The woman in the story was Maria and I kept saying as we drove into town —“Maria, I’m coming.” You can imagine that went over well. I was impressed with the tabby houses – and the amazing coquina shell. Individually they are very small shells, but broken and amassed in the limestone they are very sturdy! The fort there is actually made of tabby walls. I think that is an amazing ‘picture’ of the church. Individually we are broken and needy people, but as we join together with the Lord and each other we are stronger~ Enjoy St. Augustine! It is a gem!


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