Georgia hospitality (Day 22-23 *lite edition)

Thank you very much everyone for putting my blog at over 4,500 views and climbing. Much to the possible disappointment of my readers, I recently wanted a break. I wanted to set the camera down and live in the moment, and see how it changed the experience for me. And after this short break, we will be right back with the regular program. This is not my regular 110 percent effort of capturing special scenes and sharing it with all of you, but I would be woefully amiss to not at least take a few pictures to share my experience with Georgia. Lets begin then shall we?

Georgia was beautiful. Fairly open and spacious on the road south. I felt like I had made it. I had seen the notification on my phone of the 59 degrees in Muskegon MI for the morning and was able to enjoy these sleeping bag free nights in Georgia. The weather was absolutely perfect. 20160927_12382820160927_123829 The people here seemed to be kind in the way that they didn’t ride my tail and gave me lots of room when passing me. A few people didn’t even rush and stayed  a good ways behind till it was safe to pass. I have been thinking about getting a shirt that says “Sorry” on the back. This way they will know I am really going as fast as possible and don’t mean to hold them up at all.

I stopped at a grocery store to grab some food and bought some yogurt. The guy at the front greeted me and ended up being the checkout man too. I asked if they had any plastic spoons that I could buy, explaining that I just needed one for the yogurt I bought. He said no, but this very kind older gentleman said that he could help me out though. Walking over to the aisle, he grabbed a new box and opened it handing me one. 20160927_124315

Not only were people kind in driving, but I everyone was holding doors for others. Shocking and wonderful. It is amazing to me how much this small gesture can mean if you are not used to it.

I explored more and let my mind wander with my moped. I didn’t grab my camera as I went past some dilapidated houses and explored the Brunswick area. There was an older gentleman that was trying to hitchhike a ride, and I drove him down the road.

Camping that night, I really enjoyed the small things that I noticed like the geckos and other bugs. You just don’t see armadillos in Michigan, ya know? 20160928_11172620160928_112931Just beautiful. Nice and open.


I don’t want this trip to be done either. I am going to go a little bit slower I think. The weather is great, the people are so kind, and I really haven’t spent much money yet.

Jekyll Island was pretty interesting too.  20160928_121258_00120160928_12182520160928_12212220160928_123248

There was some other construction along the way and I typically hop off my bike and just stand beside it at lights to stretch. It always feels nice to stand. 20160927_134826.jpg

It was another night of camping with Florida so close I could almost smell it.

P.S. The British guys where telling me about my golden tan, and I forgot to include this gem of a picture last time. : ) My hair on my arms is actually going blonde from the sun. Ahhh, the moped lifestyle.


One thought on “Georgia hospitality (Day 22-23 *lite edition)”

  1. Hi Josh, Please keep posting! We’re all going on the trip with you though your posts. I’m already having withdrawal symptoms waiting for them as it is. I was waiting for and hoping for another post yesterday….Yes, that’s how much I and others have looked forward to them. If anything post more often – maybe with less details. Everyone says you’re posts are great and they like the writing too. You’re taking us all on the journey! Please don’t leave us behind. 😦


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