Savannah, Georgia! (Day 21)

I woke up fairly early and had some toast that the hostel provided for breakfast. There was a lot to see today and after saying goodbye, I hit the open road.

I needed to fill up with gas and had heard just a few days ago about some kind of gas shortage? The news doesn’t get to me and I don’t seek it out. The first gas station I stopped at today on route 17 south had a sign showing that they were completely out of premium and mid grade! This was odd… I would have thought that those grades of gas were the ones used less than regular.  20160926_094433

My moped only gets the best, and the hunt continued. The next gas station I saw was a speedway and they had only premium gas. Hmm…. These signs and caution tape were on all of the pumps at both gas stations; I checked.20160926_095240.jpg

With the moped full and exciting new roads ahead, the trek to Savannah started. Who knows what I am going to see!

A few people have commented wondering how I am able to go such long distances on a moped. Unlike a motorcycle, there is nothing that my feet need to do for shifting or braking and the seating possibilities are endless!

I made a collection of just some of the handful of choices I have during my day of riding to keep it interesting and not get sore. This first one is one of my favorites and I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw me flying by like this. It is surprisingly comfortable and very nice to switch and have the left leg under, after a while.

The Classic
The Cruiser
The Indian
The Lounger
The Sidesaddle-er
The Third Passenger
The Accident Maker

These are all great riding positions and I have even more for when it rains, or for absolute maximum speed!

Today would be a special day of riding as I saw a sign for Switzerland in one mile. And I’ll be honest with you guys, it was even smaller than I remember them teaching about in geography class.

One good thing was that just outside of Switzerland, past the logging trucks and light rain. I found some elephants! Huge elephants! *Note: I am not sure if it was the rain or not, but the smell of the wood when the trucks passed me was a very enjoyable, truly aromatic experience.

And I was into Georgia. I didn’t actually see any welcome signs by taking these back roads and was a little disappointed. Coming in from the north cast the impression that this city is very industrial. There were cranes on the horizon and a ton of stacked shipping containers. Not something I like to see. Who wants to live with smokestacks as the horizon?

Downtown was more interesting with these old very historic buildings, with a lot more hanging Spanish moss. 20160926_13294120160926_133039

I met up with the Blake, Dan, and Dave at the hostel and we headed to the riverfront for a look around. The waterfront itself was very unique with these historic steps that had signs saying to use at your own risk, with all kinds of stores and restaurants.

I learned that the British are quite passionate about their boxing. When we had the bite to eat, they went on and on about their different fighters that they liked, recounting fights, and how Dave actually quite likes the defensive boxing of so and so, while Dan thought that the man needed to be more aggressive. It was all friendly, and funny to me how excited they got in the discussions.

We found a spot a bit later in our walk that we could play some pool and I learned the “real” way to play. A scratch gives the other team 2 shots and the other person gets 2 shots if you hit the other teams ball first. It did create a much more technical game of pool than I was used to playing. 20160926_161737 We did some more exploring to really familiarize ourselves with Savannah and ended up grabbing some of the best ice cream I have ever had at Leopold’s. It was incredible! 20160926_20212420160926_21522620160926_220326

One of the specialty and temporary flavors they had this month was lavender ice cream! It was interesting. Everything else was so creamy and exceptionally tasteful without being overly sweet. This is a place you should definitely check out if you make it to Savannah.

Dave wanted to watch the presidential debate and we headed back to the hostel.

It was a great day.

P.S. I am far enough south to see what I haven’t seen in quite some time. There were cockroaches scurrying along the sidewalk and geckos on the windows and walls!




4 thoughts on “Savannah, Georgia! (Day 21)”

  1. Hey Josh! It is quite amazing that you have ridden all the way to Savannah!!! I got quite a kick out of seeing the photos of your riding positions!:) Great job keeping us abreast of your adventures!


  2. LOL! Your sitting/riding positions seem aptly named! You crack me up! I would be more worried about balance… might be my age!
    Russ and I were in Savannah in May and I did go to Leopold’s. Great ice cream! Thanks for sharing your story.


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