First moped passenger (Day 20)

I had planned to head to Savannah today, but was enchanted with this hostel and its guests. There were Australians, Germans, a guy named Justin who was in the area for a conference from an hour away, and a few others. One guy named Parker (bottom right picture) invited me to go to the beach with two other English blokes and I immediately decided to stay for one more day and let my moped have a bit of a rest.

Parker worked at the hostel since the beginning of September and is working on starting his own renewable energy business. He asked some of the other girls at the hostel if they wanted to join us at the beach. With the car being full, Jenna hopped on the moped and we headed to Folly beach.

The moped was working like a charm with two people but was about 5 mph slower. No worries though, more time to enjoy the scenery.

20160925_152244.jpg There were a ton of hammocks at Folly and large waves. People were out surfing and body boarding. It was lovely relaxing at the beach and learning a good bit from the two fine English chaps. (Blake and Dan are cousins who are traveling all around the U.S on a six and half week holiday.)

I really enjoyed just sitting there and listening to the way that they used words with their British mannerisms. 20160925_174704.jpg We mostly just relaxed, and it was nice having a day off. 20160925_173626.jpg

We headed back to the hostel and I had found out that the Blake and Dan were heading to Savannah along with another British lad named Dave. This geezer cooked up some bacon and grabbed some carrots out of the fridge for a late night snack. What a choice! (The other guys said this is not a British thing!) 20160925_220615

These gentleman didn’t know where they were going to stay in Savannah and I walked in to them calling about booking a hostel. Dan was on the phone seeing about a room for the three of them and was almost done with the phone call when I shouted out “four!” Dan immediately apologized to the man on the phone and asked about a space for four. It was all set then.20160925_204423.jpg

The night was filled with laughter and big plans for Savannah tomorrow. The moped would be back at it, and Parker, being the kind guy he is, was going to drive the Brits to Savannah.

P.S. The British words used in this post were run by the authentic speakers themselves who reassured me that they were being used correctly.

Hope you guys have a great night/day!


4 thoughts on “First moped passenger (Day 20)”

    1. Yeah, supposed Cool Dude on his macho moped . . . Where’s the pic of your first rider, huh?! And while we’re at it, how come you don’t answer any of MY emails???



      1. Sorry Jeff! It has really been off and on when I have internet and can respond. :/ I mentioned to her that we should get a picture but I must have just forgotten.


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