Hilton Head pt 2 (Day 18)

Rolling out of my hammock, I quickly packed it up and walked to the lifeguard chair to sit and watch the sun come up. There were a lot of clouds today but there were a lot of people out too. I am not sure if it was visitors or locals, but it made me smile seeing people out so early walking the beach and participating in something so routine (yet incredible) as a sunrise.   20160923_064432.jpg

Eventually the the sun started pushing it’s way through.


I went to a place to grab breakfast and touch up a few things on the blog. There were a lot of expensive places in the Hilton Head area, but they were quite nice. If I remember correctly, my meal here was a little less than 20 dollars. 20160923_103157

I spoke with my server asking about the Plantations and if there were any that I could drive through. She recommended one that leaves the gates open that I could probably check out. I overheard another lady later saying how Hilton head is around 70 percent gated and you can only see around 30 percent! Let me tell you from first hand experience how true this is.  I drove around to the “Hilton Head Plantation” first to check it out. My mind was filled with the jaw dropping things that were most likely behind the gate. It is a huge chunk of land at almost 4,000 acres and has got to have some good stuff. Pulling up to the gate, my high hopes instantly sunk. These wealthy individuals even had the police working for them! It was not some regular security guard that I pulled up to, ohhh no siree! This gentleman was as official as they get with a hat saying sheriff, side arm, and an absolutely no messing around attitude. I asked if there were any plantations that you could drive through to see and he mentioned Sea Pines. I said thanks, turned around and snapped this quick picture.   20160923_135650 Well… I tried. On to the next one. My excitement was still up, but I just can’t imagine this other one being as marvelous as one that they have the police working the gate for. Now that I think about it, it probably would have been like El Dorado in there if I could have gotten past the gate!

I made it to the “open gate” plantation and slowly drove through the wide open gate. Just a regular old guest here. Don’t mind me. Even this middle class luxury gated community was gorgeous. There was a private golf course, massive homes, club houses, other activity courts, and signs for special meals that were planned for the community. Wow! As always, in the spirit of not wanting to cause any problems at all, I did not drive any closer than the main road to get pictures. 20160923_14300220160923_143020 The gentleman I saw walking his dog was very nice to me and waved kindly as I waved back. I soon turned around with all the pool maintenance trucks coming in and out as they were making me feel suspicious.

I wouldn’t even want to clean a house as big as these. I hope they have people for that too, because that would be such a big job with landscaping that I can’t imagine you would have too much time to enjoy the property! Beautiful and very stunning homes though!

From here I explored the island more and drove around these Marriott Resorts, Marinas, and Golf Clubs. I wanted to get a picture of the infinity pools, top dollar spa’s, and more but there were a lot of signs saying that the area was under video surveillance and it was for guests and customers only. They even had all the registration areas as a checkpoint before opening up to the lavish spots, to prevent any no trouble making sightseers from mind-blowing, next level, top dollar relaxation and activity centers.

I drove to the one I knew you could pay to see called the Sea Pines Plantation but they don’t allow any type of motorcycle. : (

I still had fun at some of the restaurants they had around though! I stopped at a legitimate looking french one and walked out after seeing the prices for a crepe. Maybe some day Josh. Maybe some day. I went to a beautifully designed shopping center and did find the most delicious and healthy meal for 5 dollars though! Bravo Harris Teeter shopping area! I am really impressed. There were a lot of free taste testers for cheese, fruit, cured meat, and more too, which will always win me over. 🙂 20160923_16244220160923_161818

After a little bit more driving around to explore the different unique shops and marina’s, I headed for the beach. Today was actually quite sunny and was an excellent day for some fun in the water. 20160923_174952-120160923_171736

It was incredible riding the waves in with the salt water holding your body up much easier than in Lake Michigan. I coasted that baby in with a hand straight out in a fist and another at my side feeling as much like Superman as I ever had! The water lifted and pushed me at a great speed and carried me all the way till the sand was rubbing against my chest. I jumped out with the biggest grin plastered on my face, and ran like an excited kid back out to catch the next wave. I was flying. I would like to try and capture this with my go pro but I know it won’t come close to the feeling of the water thrusting you forward, and having those next 10 seconds draw out longer than any ten seconds seem like they could.

At the Hilton Head beach, they were doing some type of project with a huge pipe temporarily on the beach. There were ramps of sand for going over the pipe every hundred or so feet and other signs saying not to play or be on the pipe.

20160923_174052  It might have been from my flying through the waves or maybe an invisible lightning bolt striking me, but a light bulb went on in my head and I had the brilliant idea to jump this pipe. I ran towards it and leaped, making it to the other side. I don’t know why others aren’t doing this too! This is great!  20160923_174112

You better believe it that I jumped that pipe the next chances I got!

All kinds of different things happened at the beach here including some fun photo shoots and weddings. 20160923_175024

Hilton head is really nice. I got a few more pictures of the night scene and special music they have perform at a lot of the restaurants.20160923_19142020160923_20214520160923_212451

The artists were quite talented and the couple playing Jenga insisted I join in! It is a great atmosphere of people being happy. I didn’t hear complaints about the prices, and instead heard laughter over a good meal and sharing stories. It was nice seeing people not second guessing grabbing that ice cream cone with their kid or a friend, or checking the budget to see if they can go grab that morning coffee at their favorite shop.

I know perspective is a lot and I am quite the optimist, but this was how I saw it today at the one and only Hilton Head.

Tonight will be another night of the ever so romantic hammocking under the stars and listening to the waves of the ocean lull me to sleep. Until tomorrow.

VERY very EXCITING P.S. I got a message from Bintelli about my trip and am heading to their headquarters tomorrow (!!!) to meet with the people who made my down right stunning and fantastic little bike! : ) !!!

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