Bintelli Headquarters (Day 19)

Yesterday I sent a quick note to Bintelli about my trip because I thought they might find it interesting. They emailed me back sending me money for gas and said to drop in if I was still around Charleston! I was almost three hours away, and had been super close at the Motel 6 I stayed at. : ( I let them know I was already South and thanked them so much for the invite. It wasn’t till near the end of the day that I sent a note back asking if the offer still stands. My little moped has taken me over 12,000 miles now and they have been some of the most amazing miles in my life. I would be a fool not meet the people who made this possible, if given the opportunity. And so I waited for that email response. It was a Saturday and I figured I had lost my golden ticket.


Here is my cosy hammocking spot. Last night, when it was quite dark out, I saw a policeman and police woman walking back from the beach. The guy was showing her a cool night vision piece of equipment, and I asked if the beach was open all night. He said that it is open, but you aren’t allowed to sleep. The place I stayed at in the picture here could very well be an area between the beach and the hotel. And I mostly just relaxed here, with my eyes closed. Who knows if I actually slept or not. I just hung out for a while.

The sunrise this morning was even better than yesterday. 20160924_071713

I saw some new friends again that were out at the sunrise yesterday too! : P Geting hungry, I went to another place to grab a cup of coffee. For a Saturday morning on the island there were a lot of people that stopped in for a coffee or bite to eat after going on a run. 20160924_09004420160924_091344

It was here, at that picnic table, that I got the email asking if lunch would work. I fired up the bike and moped-ed North. It was strange backtracking for the first time on my trip. The turns and bridges on the same route gave me a lessened excitement, knowing that I wasn’t going to find a lost city or hidden treasure over the next hill on my way back. The drive was pretty though with the bridge overlooks and all the green.

As I pulled into the Bintelli Headquarters, I saw the guys standing outside. Shaking each of their hands, I really felt like I had made it! I never would have believed at the beginning of my trip that this adventure would include meeting some of the best moped makers out there. 20160924_140712

Justin, Jackson, and Jason where so kind and gave me a grand tour showing me the stunning new Bintelli Bolt, and all the different projects they where working on. 20160924_124006.jpg


I really liked the wind deflector on the new Bintelli Bolt and should have asked to see if I could take it for a quick ride ,but it slipped my mind with meeting these guys and seeing all these brand new mopeds!

Jason offered to take a look at my moped and said they have everything to replace any part that is broken. Justin, the creator of Bintelli scooters actually gave me a little bit of a hard time, in jest, in not contacting them sooner. He mentioned that with all the shops they have all throughout the U.S. he has so many connections of places I could stay and how the other dealers would love me stopping in on this grand, 50cc moped journey South.

They put a fancy new muffler pipe on for me and did a full free service and inspection. 20160924_13271120160924_143308

Seeing my fairly dinged up helmet, they even went as far as to give me a new one! Bintelli didn’t pay me to say anything nice about them or specifically take one of their mopeds on a trip like this. It is from my own personal experience owning my amazing Bintelli, saying that they are great scooters created and sold from people who want to show the world how much fun mopeding can be. They offer a solution in not having to settle for the cheap Chinese ones you are going to constantly pay more for in parts and don’t have to drop $3,000 on a Honda. I can’t thank you enough Bintelli team for the kindness you showed me! I really appreciate everything! Thanks for making something I can be so proud of.

I left the parking lot with some new friends and got that second chance at the hostel I unknowingly passed in Charleston. “My dear Charleston, it looks like I will get my chance walking your streets and getting to explore your uniqueness better yet!” : ) -sincerely Josh.

I cruised in with the moped purring along and noticed how nice and responsive the brakes were from the tune up. There is nothing like exploring a city or even the world on a moped! (Wish you could be riding with me Jen! : ) *my sister who absolutely loves mopeding with me)

It wasn’t long before I decided to check in at the hostel and met some fellow travelers. 20160924_164038


The map on the wall had currency from all over the world and pins from far away travelers homes. So many pins. I met a guy working for Microsoft from the Seattle area named Vikram who has traveled extensively and grabbed some dinner with him. We walked all around downtown seeing the historic houses, market, and bicycle cabs.

Vikrim is the one in the red in the bottom right picture. Dessert was something called a peace pie from a little hole in the wall on the downtown strip. The only thing they sold was these delicious ice cream sandwiches with a little pie filling.

Walking back and arriving at the hostel, I met these other friendly travelers from Switzerland, U.K, and more; each with their own cool stories and reasons for seeing the big world we live in.

And with that, it is goodnight!


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