Folly on my birthday. (Day 17)

I woke up, packed up, and talked to my amazing mom and dad calling to wish me a happy birthday. So this is 26. My very generous parents ended up giving me some money to go to a nice place for breakfast.

I had heard from Myrtle beach that the Charleston beach was even better. The only problem was I didn’t know where the Charleston Beach was. It wasn’t on route 17, that’s for sure. The girl from Starbucks yesterday said the main one is Folly beach with other beautiful areas like the Isle of Palms. Not wanting to re-cross the bridge, I headed to Folly.

I passed by a Krispy Kreme with the light on and was excited for a free doughnut. Turns out that here, you don’t get a free doughnut. The light just means there are fresh ones! Ridiculous, I know! In Grand Rapids, everyone pulls in and they hand everyone in line a fresh hot one for free!


I even waited for a minute to see if one of the employees would hand me one. Nope. I grabbed a dollar and bought a fresh one. An excellent pre-breakfast choice if I do say so myself. A real authentic, unique, and colorful choice would be my substantial meal a little bit later. They really tricked me with that Krispy Kreme light.

The drive down 171 was beautiful with these medium to small sized bridges that provided some nice sightseeing spots.20160922_09025320160922_090320

One of the bridges had a small life saver laying on the shoulder. I was so tempted to stop and grab it as it could substantially boost the adventurousness of the little moped with it hanging off to the side. Maybe grab some roadside rope to counter balance it. With the traffic it wasn’t safe and it was a pretty long bridge. Maybe next time. I have really been surprised by what I have seen laying on the side of the road.

I made it to the downtown area/pier and parked right away. The pier looked fantastic. It had a little shelter at the end that would tempt any hammock-er to glance over the sign saying it closes at 11 and hang up a hammock for one of the coolest spots to spend the night anywhere!

People were out surfing in the early morning, while others walked their dogs or fished from the end of the pier. Just lovely. Using Google, I found a very well reviewed breakfast place called the Lost Dog. The parking lot was full. What a great sign, and I pulled my moped onto the grass in front of the parking spaces and called it good.


I sat down at the bar and a woman named Wendy sat down next to me. She was from Charleston and had done some pretty big trips herself going to India and a U.S. road trip. She was inspired by my somewhat out of the box way of doing things, and I was inspired by how kind someone I just met was to me. She recommended some places and even messaged some of her friends and parents to see about places I could stay as I got a farther South. It was so nice talking and having breakfast with you Wendy!

She told me one bit of sad news too. There was a hostel I somehow overlooked in Charleston that would have been cheap and a cool downtown experience. : (

I drove to the North and South of Folly Beach and marveled at the nice houses and green vegetation. So nice to see banana trees again. 20160922_104749.jpg

I then went back up to 17 and drove to Beaufort. The road was about the same as yesterday with some bad areas for cyclists. It was fairly empty at spots along this drive too with the exception of the other vehicles. The vehicles passing me would be in waves. There would be a swarm and then for a brief time, it would be quiet.

I did come to this neat little store that had free cider samples, fresh baked pies, and delicious jams. 20160922_132006

The ciders were super good, and I continued to Beaufort. This charming little town located right on the water had some stunning views. The trees also seemed ready for Halloween with all the hanging Spanish moss. 20160922_14080520160922_140817 Getting back on the main road into Hilton Head, my Bintelli was really doing a fantastic job keeping me safer by going as fast as it possibly could. 20160922_154423-1

For a good bit it was holding at 50mph in this 55 Mph zone. *Please note most scooters are about 5 mph optimistic. So I was most likely cruising at 42 to 43 mph in the picture. BUT still! That really is fantastic for a 50cc! Bintelli doesn’t restrict their scooters like a lot of others!*

I stopped at a fresh produce stand and bought a juicy peach, and was excited for what was ahead. Never being to Hilton Head before, I had no idea what exciting places, people, or experiences where in store.

The road in had these gas stations and other outlet stores tucked into wooded areas with bike paths, and plantations; whatever a plantation is. When I kept reading these signs about plantations all I could think about was slavery. A short google search later and apparently the plantations here are these luxury gated developments.

Here is the beach area. They had a nice fountain that the kids could play in with well situated swinging benches to sit in shade. 20160922_17063420160922_171902

It was getting later and I refused to pay another motel. Wild camping it was. I walked into a cool restaurant through one of the massive hotel entrances on the beach where they where playing a movie at the pool.

After checking it out for a little bit I looked for a place to set up my hammock. I ended up stringing it up between to palm  trees not too far from the public beach entrance and watched these official looking vehicles drive by onto the beach; presumably to kick people off… Why… I don’t know. What are they going to do? Steal sand? Or salt water?

And so I slept. I did wake up when some possibly drunk people wandered out to the public access area to argue a little ways away at around 4 A.M, and I saw the “beach patrol” take a morning lap. Maybe the beach patrol doesn’t have anything against people staying on the beach and they were just having fun. Maybe. Maybe.

Tomorrow should be a beautiful sunrise at the beach and I will see if there is a plantation I can get into. Someone here mentioned one that is not gated. Lets explore the lavishness together tomorrow then!   : )



4 thoughts on “Folly on my birthday. (Day 17)”

  1. Josh, man – finally caught up with your blog writing on Day 17! Man, you are some kinda writer, not to mention moped rider! “Y’all keep cruisin’, dude!”. JEFF


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