Route 12 (Day 12)

A truly smashing route was planned for the day. I love the water and you can’t get too much more of it than on the route today. Screenshot (6).png

I messaged someone on Couch-surfing for a place to stay last night but they must not have seen it or been available. Naturally, I just found a good spot for my hammock and was all set. While cruising around Corolla, I noticed another hammock set up near the Corolla Wild horse Fund. It was not in a secluded area, but I didn’t care. It was dark and I was ready to sleep for a bit! I set up my hammock and slept well! No one bothered me, and I don’t think they really noticed in the dark or cared because of the other hammock normally being there. 20160917_065746.jpg

I woke up around 6 30 with the sunlight starting to grace us with its presence; another beautiful day. People not too far away from me where pumping up their tires after off roading on the beach. Huh. Early off roading with the sunrise would be fun! I was very very tempted to take my moped onto the beach and get an awesome picture. There was only one rough spot that I could have taken a few quick minutes to push through the deep stuff and I would be to the harder part of beach near the water. I could even have continued on it all the way to Virginia! There were a lot of signs though… “4 wheel drive required”, “no stopping”, “no motorcycles”, “recreational pass required” and on and on the list goes on.  : /  If the police were around I would have asked, but they weren’t, and so I headed south.

There are a lot of neat houses here. I kinda like the fact that they are raised up. It looks cool and does prevent when there is flooding. (And are excellent spots for hanging hammocks!) Must be a good view from the top floor too!20160917_071641

One of the signs next to these houses advertised these type of homes. “5 Bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths. Elevator, Pool, starting at 749,000.”

One of my favorite parts about being on a moped is how quiet and great it can be at exploring very unobtrusively. Its almost as good as riding a bicycle. With a another twist of the throttle I was sailing back down the main strip and came upon a well situated restaurant with a nice pier, and checked out a busy doughnut shop.

Lovely. Just lovely. There were a lot of people out running along the boardwalk and enjoying the day along with me. I really like it when people are happy to be alive.

The houses farther south got a lot closer together near the Wright Brothers Museum and were practically on the beach. I decided that the north side was more to my liking. At least during this slower season. There were still interesting diners and people outside, but it lacked a certain charm. The area was not as beautiful to me with all the houses being so close with a 55 mph highway just a few streets over. All the trees in the north and buried power lines add a lot for me.

I swung over a street or two and visited the Wright brothers museum. It was cool and the different marked areas for their flight distance were neat. If it were me, there would be training hang gliders at the top of the hill to experience flight the same place that they did! How amazing would that be? Pretty amazing! The view at the top was breathtaking in every direction, and I deeply wished I had a hang glider! The Wright Brothers would have been proud of me.

It wasn’t much farther down the road that I passed two police men that looked like they were talking. Nothing happened for a second until he pulled out behind the car behind me and flicked on his lights. I pulled off into a side street and stopped, waiting for him to continue or pull over the car behind me, BUT he pulled in behind me and hopped out!

He proceeds to ask me for my license and mentions that I was pulled over because of not having a proper license plate on the scooter. He noticed just the sticker going by. When I handed him my Michigan license and told him where I came from he started to ask a few more questions. I excitedly told him about my  blog and how it’s only a sticker in Michigan that lasts for 3 years! He didn’t mind the picture at all as long as he is looking good. : ) Thanks for all you do Officer Eanes!   20160917_101203

He wished me well, and I continued down the road. Not much farther down the road, I noticed a one of a kind playground. It definitely deserved a picture. Swinging my moped around, I pulled into a driveway and snapped a picture really quickly. 20160917_102111

Wow! Off again I go. So much to see and do today. The road wove around these stunning preserves with the water tightly hugging the land on both sides, not wanting to let go.

It was then that I saw it… The Chesapeake Bay Bridge’s younger brother. A massive behemoth of a bridge causing all kinds of very logical doubts to cross my mind. I pulled off. The traffic was very busy on a Saturday with the turnover of all the big house rentals in the outer banks. Oh boyyyy. I am not sure you understand… The speed limit for the bridge is 55, but on the incline parts I will be doing 30. And 30 is being generous. The side winds are not kind to Bintelli. I have to analyze when there will be the least amount of traffic. I pull into this parking lot and walk into a small general store to ask how bicycles do it.

There was a Park Ranger grabbing lunch and he said that there have never been any accidents for bicycles. It’s two lane. One each direction!!! I guess cars just gotta watch out. STILL.. I can’t imagine a bicyclist trying to cross. The Ranger owned a bunch of motorycles and always wondered what it would be like to do a long trip on a moped. = ) His good friend has done Alaska South on a bike. The ranger walked outside to look at my bike, and said the most fun he ever had on a bike was when he owned his moped. He offered to drive behind me and hold up the traffic if I wanted. I told him that would be fantastic! Here is a picture of the legend himself. He also gave me some great tips about the best roads to take for when I get to Florida. 20160917_11103920160917_112407  Don’t see any traffic huh? It’s because all the traffic is stuck behind me. I didn’t hold the traffic up too long because I was able to cruise along at 40 on the flat bits. (And no one decided to pass the park ranger.)

After waving goodbye to the ranger, I noticed him going to help someone who had gotten stuck in the sand. They must have pulled off and not realized how deep the sand was on the sides.

It was quite empty for a few long stretches before I came to any real signs of civilization. I would get over to let the groups of vehicles pass and then I was alone. Just the blue skies, stretch of tarmac, and my bintelli to keep me company.

And out from the blowing sand, there appeared this town. It had a feel that it could be a lively place, but somehow missed its chance being so far away. I stopped to take pictures of these overgrown and abandoned amusement park areas. It has been such a long time since I have seen something like this. 20160917_11471420160917_11535620160917_115631

A good ways farther down the road, I noticed signs for another ferry! I love taking the ferries! The small town right before the ferry was packed with some kind of festival. I had to check it out.

There were crab races, live music, food tents, and more. The chowder competition was excellent. All 6 that I tried were really delicious. After walking around enough to fulfill my curiosity, I set off for the Ferry.

The lady at the front  of the ferry queue just lets you get in the right line and then you pull on the Ferry to Ocracoke for free. In crossing, it looked like there were some dark clouds ahead. I wrapped my backpack in the rain jacket and kept a smile on my face.

Ocracoke here I come. The rain began as the ferry unloaded, and I got soaked! There was no small building on this island that I could wait under, but I didn’t mind. I thought of the song “feel the rain on your skin,” and sang away. Just a few minutes later the showers ceased and the sun was back.

I checked out the beach, and found out that the town, a few miles down the road, is 20 mph with narrow streets. Most people rent golf carts to drive around. My moped will fit right in. There are many signs about Blackbeard and interesting history about it. There were also these small dirt roads leading around to coffee shops, small bookstores, general stores, and off road areas.


Very charming. I meet a group of young french people on an internship (from South Carolina) at the Ocracoke beach, and wove all through town exploring all the back dirt roads and harder to get to places. Ocracoke is a very special and neat place indeed.


Until tomorrow!






2 thoughts on “Route 12 (Day 12)”

  1. Hey, man . . . You blog faster than I can read! Way to be in getting the cop to back up traffic behind you. 😃. Just know . . . I’m keeping up with you (almost!). JEFF


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