The Enchanting Outer Banks! (Day 11)

The day started with a delicious smoothie from my cousin, and then it was time to hit the road! With a rough destination of Kitty Hawk! I did not know how much of a jaw dropping-ly lovely day was out in front of me. It did not start out as very beautiful either. There was a light drizzle that wasn’t enough to get me soaked, but just a little cooled off. It was enough for me to wonder if it was going to get heavier though. I took route 603/Indian River road which itself very quickly turned into a scenic motorcycles dream ride. I was out of the city and much more in the mopeds comfort zone.   20160916_09343920160916_092632

Very pretty water attractions to stop and see too, and I pressed on to huge houses in the countryside.20160916_093853

I was in an exploring mood and continued to Sandy Bridge past Crab shacks and a charismatic little restaurant called the Bee and the Biscuit.

The gentleman with the blue crab was kind enough the even offer to hold the crab so I could get a good selfie with it, but I declined.

Looping back I headed down Princess Ann road to Knotts Island and the ride continued to improve! Little traffic with water on both my left and right. Oh yea!


I don’t know about you, but regardless of what state I am in, I am not going to burn a headlight.   : D.

The ferry from Knotts Island to Currituck was free by the way! The department of transportation is in charge of it and they just waved me on, and some kids take it every week day to go to school.

One of the passengers used to live in Grand Haven MI which is 20 minutes from where I live. Crazyyyy. It was neat how this boat ride was just the same old same old for some of the passengers. I like the bottom right picture of the older guy just reading the newspaper during the around 45 minute ride. It was a very smooth, enjoyable, very scenic, and lovely free ride.


I think the propellers kick up some fish.? The seagulls followed closely and were always swooping down on the water on both ferries I have taken.

Arriving on the other side it was time for route 168 to 158 to the Outer Banks! Excitement was in the air! At least for me. All kinds of interesting shops and billboards were starting to pop up talking about adventure companies, skydiving, hangliding, kayaking +. Seems like I am really coming up on a large activity area! Ooooooohooo hoo.. very exciting indeed. There were signs posted saying share the road with bicyclists, but look at this shoulder! IT WAS TINY! AND don’t think for a second that it wasn’t 55, because it was… for almost the whole time. *Before this trip I never thought I would be sighing in relief from seeing road construction signs predicting slower speeds ahead.  20160916_131856

I stopped at a place for hang gliding as soon as I saw it, but it was too windy today. I’ll definitely be looking into it again as I proceed to where the Wright brothers made history.

Closer and closer I got to this “outer banks” as the billboards kept tantalizing me with adventure. (resorts and such nice outdoor activities.)  And then I made it to the bridge that hates bicycles and slow vehicles. The bridge connecting the island with Point Harbor was the scariest and most poorly designed bridge I have ever had the displeasure of having to cross on the scooter. There is no real usable shoulder and its 55 with high winds and is close to 4 miles. I wasn’t going more than 30 in areas with my flashers at maximum flashing and thankfully everyone got over. I didn’t look to see if they were giving me bad gestures or mouthing off at me or not. I don’t know how bicycles do it! It is not safe.

And then I was in paradise! Side roads of 25 that lead through these heavily wooded areas next to a golf course with people bicycling everywhere, and homes that were kept up and built with a real passion and vision. The houses where each unique with a certain character that made each of them worth a look. It was all very tasteful done and maintained, especially for the personal homes. With the surrounding water in the heavily wooded areas it reminded me a bit of Venice with these neat kayaking spots that lead out to either the ocean or Currituck sound. The second picture is of these gorgeous apartments right on the water. In other spots they were all raised up on pillars for around 10 feet. Connecting these areas is a main two lane road north and south with all kinds of places to eat, and rent adventure equipment or go driving down the beach to try and spot the wild horses of Corolla.  20160916_14374420160916_175849

There are entrances to the public beach within what seemed to be every three minutes of driving or less. The historic houses of Corolla are pretty cool as well. Shops pop up for waterfront yoga, smoothies, and high ropes courses. (The most elaborate high ropes course I have seen.)

I wanted to explore the off road area on the beach and started to walk it when a guy offered me a ride. He was an adventurer working for Back Country Safari Tours and gave me a lift a good ways down the beach. He had driven his 250CC dirt bike down to the keys and currently had it set up to carry his surf board.


It was a fun day. I only went north from where the bridge was and it was cool to see all the life and options for fun that happen out here on the North Outer Banks. (And it’s apparently the slower season.)

Tomorrow will be more exploring… but South! I have gone as far north, on the island, as I can on my moped. : /




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