The Coast! (Day 8)

Waking up at Seashore campsites, my neighboring camper asked if I wanted some coffee. “Sure!” I said, and walked over with my thermos. After talking for a bit I found out that Jerry lives in Lancaster and works for Sight and Sound Theaters! They put on incredible live action performances of Bible stories. (Noah, Samson, Moses, and more.)

After thanking Jerry for the coffee and finishing our talk, the coast beckoned! I had not seen it yet from arriving at night and I was excited! Hopping on my trusty moped, I set off for about 5 minutes to arrive in Wildwood NJ.20160913_082515

The boardwalk was a cool experience and I would love to see what it was like just a month before. It was blatantly obvious that its prime time of the year was past with the few people in contrast to all the shops, restaurants, and rides. This New Jersey coastline seemed all too quite.


Going to a McDonald’s to catch up on some blogging, I listened to the neat accents of my neighbors at the tables next to me. I don’t know if it is New Jersey, the Mcdonalds clientele, or just a bad day, but both the first and second couples that came starting bickering. Each person sounded like they needed to tell the other why they were right or persuade them to see their point.

I bought some milk from Mcdonalds and had the good ole milk and granola in a bag. Delicious! 20160913_113646.jpg Who needs bowls anyway?

After cruising around more to the north on side streets and main strips, the next item on the daily agenda was to continue south!

For the first time in my trip I was going to be on the water and I was pumped!  I followed the signs to the Cape May ferry and shortly pulled up the to the registration point. Thirty Four dollars later and I was first in line to board. If you look closely at the picture on the top right you’ll see Bintelli right at the front!

It was interesting and kinda sad that security had to go around and look under the vehicles with a mirror to help prevent any threat.  After this was done, I was first on the ship, and the cruise began! There were some nice food options and a bar on top. I met a lot of interesting travelers on board. One was a middle aged lady with a fairly large travel backpack. She said she has been traveling all over since May of 13, if I understood correctly. She lost her car earlier from an accident and was just traveling by foot now. When I asked what she was traveling for, she said to keep her sanity. Another gentleman with a more scraggly beard, Harley Davidson hat, and flip flops started talking with me about how he sleeps in his car a few nights, then goes to campgrounds and saves on drink money by carrying around a cooler. There was another very professional looking young couple that have lived in New Jersey for 20 years and had always explored other directions. It was the first time for them taking the ferry south.



After arriving, I explored around Lewes Deleware which had a quaint downtown strip with good places to eat. Dinner, more exploring and a campsite later, I called it an early night with a lot to see tomorrow. My camping neighbors were from north Montreal and only one of them spoke pretty good English beside fluent French. The one lady told me a little bit about what it is like where she is from, and the conversation began when she saw me setting up my hammock for bed. A few people have been surprised by the hammock, but most always think it’s cool.


P.S. Thanks for all the comments and kind words, I do read all of them, but don’t always have time to respond.





One thought on “The Coast! (Day 8)”

  1. Josh, what fun. I was on the same board walk in my late high school days. It was with a Campus Life retreat with literally thousands of kids from all over the east coast. Believe it or not I won the obstacle course event with all those kids competing. It was cool! We stayed in a hotel a couple of blocks from the beach/board walk. I’m sure it’s much different now – 30+ some years later.

    Enjoy the ride and watch the weather. Some nasty stuff going on south of you. Keep warm and dry and BGBSABGodly and remember we love you!


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