An expensive day! (Day 9)

The day started great with lots of coastline to see! The beautiful houses were all around and the speed limits were just right. By the water, people had the right idea of going slow and enjoying the view! A lot of these side roads were 25 and 35 mph through the towns and I was just loving it! Here are some photos from Bethany Beach.20160914_09173520160914_09231320160914_092336.jpg20160914_092414

Next stop, Ocean City! (Unless of course something else catches my eye.) There were spots down route 1 that bumped back up to 55 mph, butttt there were really nice wide shoulders for bicyclists. It wasn’t too long before I was right in the middle of these huge massive hotels! Places to eat with advertisements for all you can eat crab and shrimp were everywhere! There were all kinds of scooter shops and very eccentric eye catching mini golfs, hotels, and restaurants. Looking back at my pictures I am disappointed in not capturing this better from downtown Ocean City. 20160914_10035820160914_10463720160914_104834

Another beautiful boardwalk of course! And so I continued, Ocean city was fascinating, but it still seemed in a bit of a lull and a light snooze from what it was designed to be. On to Berlin! (No not the one in Germany… at least not yet. 🙂  )

While merrily making my way down the shoulder of the 55mph road and almost reaching exit 113 to Berlin, I heard this terrible shredding noise on my moped. Oh boy… From my past experience and now over 10,000 miles on the bike, I knew it had to be the transmission belt. On yet again come the faithful hazard lights on good ole bintelli and the pushing begins! And let me tell you that it is hot when you are not zipping along at a brisk 37 miles per hour.


Stopping at the closest gas station I grab my phone to see if there are any scooter shops in Berlin. Nope. The closest ones my phone and some people tell me are in Ocean city. It’s looking like I might get in around a 2 1/2 hour walk pushing Bintelli back. Well, it will be good exercise! One gentleman said that if anyone could help in all Berlin it would be Cropper just down the street. “Worth a shot at least,” I thought. Getting to Cropper, the lady said they can’t help but that she didn’t mind me sitting there and calling around about a possible ride.  As one shop in Ocean city said they couldn’t schedule in pickups today, another said they could be out and pick me up in a half hour! Perfect. I was never worried at all, and what would it have helped. I honestly was excited to see what other people I met as I get a closer look than I ever would have at a small town called Berlin.

The guys at this mechanic shop were incredible too. As I waited around they asked what I was doing and couldn’t believe I came all this way on that tiny thing! They offered me some water as I waited, some doughnuts, and even some lunch. 20160914_123644

We joked around and they said that if I had the belt they could do it for me no problem. Christian said he was tempted to even take some time off and continue south with me. It was around 40 minutes after my ride was supposed to arrive when Christian was ready to take me and the scooter himself into ocean city. The other gentleman said to give him just one second because he knows a guy that owns a scooter shop and would get a huge kick out of the fact I am going all the way to Florida and came from Michigan. He gave his friend a call who gave me another phone number to try, and assured me that he will take good care of me!

Not wanting to have one guy show up however late with me being gone, I gave it a few more minutes. The boss of the shop, after hearing my plans, said he knows one of the higher ups that works at the Chesapeake bay Bridge Tunnel and he will call him real quick to see if I can go through on a scooter.

This was too much fun.

One of the guys said he would just go for it while the other said I might have to rent a Uhaul to drive through, but we all decided that getting the moped into the back of someones truck and paying their cost across would be a good bet.

After a few minutes we heard back and a 50cc is NOT allowed through the tunnel. It has to be able to maintain the speed limit of 45 mph.

My scooter ride showed up and he was the good connection with the friend I almost called! He gave the guys at the shop a really hard time in jest asking what they were doing and why they didn’t just swing me over themselves. With the gentleman at Cropper saying to make sure to hook me up so I can be going 55 through the tunnel, the Cycle City shop owner said he would have me doing a wheelie through it!

Shout out to Cycle City for all the help and really getting everything fixed! When everything was torn down, not only was the belt absolutely shredded but the whole front with the rollers, roller case, and front slide were really worn and needed to be replaced. The Appalachians were rough on my poor little bike.

The shop gave me a great price on getting my bike back to the best shape its been, including replacing the transmission fluid. I asked Jack how far on average mopeds go and he said around 11,000. : / I am sitting at close to that now. (I may be giving you a call yet Mr. Stoltzfus!) But until the engine blows or a more serious problem develops I must continue!

It was purring again and I set off to Assateague island; a beautiful spot with wild horses, incredible hiking, and more. There were nice signs saying to be careful for the wild animals and how wild horses will bite and kick and how you will be fined if you try and touch them!


After driving around the Island, I looked for a good place to camp. From the extra time in Ocean City getting my moped fixed, there were a lot of bikes starting to appear. Exciting! The city was awakening! Turns out it is bike time this weekend! The campground I stayed out last night had a TON of bikers come in and kept telling me how much fun the weekend is going to be. With more and more bikes arriving the campground around 10 miles from Ocean city I was tempted to stay. I do enjoy motorcycles, but my trip south won’t be postponed! It will be getting cold anyway.

Until next time.


4 thoughts on “An expensive day! (Day 9)”

  1. Absolutely love your blog posts! Pictures are great and you write so well. So glad you are having such a good time. Your folks told me about Bowers offer. Wonder what you have decided. I went to Puerta Rico once and just loved it.
    Hope you and Emily will have a great evening.
    Love you. So thankful God has blessed you so far on this journey.


  2. Your mom gave me the link to your blog….what an experience you are having!! It’s so fun to go on this trip ‘with’ you! Praying for your safety. I just spoke to someone this week who also spent time in Costa Rica to learn Spanish…ended up in Mexico as a missionary for 20 years. I will ask him if he has any advice for you when you get to CR. Blessings,


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