Family and Friends (Day 6-7)

Both Sunday and Monday were mostly catching up with family and friends. Going out Sunday afternoon with my sister to drive around where we used to live was strange. It is the first time I recall going back to one of our old houses. Seeing our friends from the area was really wonderful though! 20160911_182448.jpg

While traveling to our friends in the car, 55 mph felt so fast and even wrong to me. It seemed like rushing to get from place to place, and I found myself wishing that the speed limits were slower. I suppose if I were to be back in a car or faster motorcycle for a little while I would get used to the extra 15 mph and not complain, but I wish others could take a step back and enjoy the journey a bit more with me.

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen caterpillars crossing roads while on my moped, which I had never noticed before in a car.

I am grinning just thinking about the Amish buggies speed and their ability to enjoy the landscape and familiarize themselves with everything around them on a very different level than the cars zooming by. I have learned a lot by just taking time in places to sit and relax for a bit and let the world keep going.

After all that, I must say there haven’t been too many spots where the back roads connecting Cincinnati and the East Coast have been less than 50 mph. My moped has felt severely under powered when traffic comes. It would be safer to have a ride that can stay with traffic when the cities come.

Our friends in the picture above made me super jealous with a DR650 all ready for a long journey; big gas tank, windshield, road tires… fully loaded!

And let me tell you, this beast of a machine had no problem keeping up with traffic. It would purr along those side roads and leap up the hills. The owner said to give him a call if my moped breaks down and I need a bike to continue the trip. When he let me take it for a spin, I am pretty sure the people I passed could see my beaming smile through the helmet!

The only downside I can see to safely being able to keep up with traffic is losing the over 100 mpg that the moped gets. It hasn’t even been 20 dollars in gas for this trip yet. : P . At this point, the moped is still running strong though.  : / Lol.

Sunday night, I stayed with some farmer friends who unknowing helped me question the hustle and bustle of life even more.

I helped feed and water the animals, and learned an absolute TON on how farming should be done. From their open and rolling hills in their backyard, the sounds of the rooster announcing the morning and zero traffic beckoned to me. 20160912_075854.jpg

It was a gorgeous day!

The eggs and meat from their animals tasted so much better than any I have ever bought from a grocery store. I wish each of you guys could try some of their happy hens eggs!

In the early afternoon, I set off for the coast! Atlantic ocean here I come! Specifically Cape May campground! For those plotting my course, I roughly took 72 South from Manheim to 222 South over to 40 East trying to get to 322 East into New Jersey.


Susquehanna River

After getting turned around a few times in Wilmington and doing my best to avoid busy and pretty fast sections of 40 East I made it to the bridge. (322East)

I so badly wished I could have stopped or even taken a picture on this bridge, but I couldn’t. I really have some beef with people driving here too. This was the biggest bridge I have ever been on. It was super high up! I could look over to my left and see the Philadelphia skyline and to the right these other huge oil tankers far beneath the bridge. Google maps does not come close to giving justice to the experience but hopefully you can imagine the wind and how much crisper and vivid everything was on this absolutely massive bridge. (Just breathtaking, especially with the setting sun too!)

Google Maps of the bridge!    (Click here!)

My problem with the bridge was the nice signs showing 35 mph the whole way! (RADAR enforced speed limit signs to boot!) Everyone was going 45-50!!! It was infuriating, this was a good way across at a good speed, but I guess the 4 signs saying 35 meant nothing. Here we go again with the Bintelli emergency flashers. Have I said yet that while this trip can be done on a 50cc moped, don’t…Just don’t. Cause that’s my advice.

I was into NJ, and it was starting to get dark. Oh boy. AND cold! Just after getting over the bridge the Atlantic Ocean must have brought the temperature down at least 10 degrees! I was still a ways off my destination camp ground friends had recommended.  But I pushed through. The land reminded me of a flatter PA. 20160912_191222

There were some nice small towns with people out running and lots more trees appeared going SE. Finally arriving to the campground at 8:45 with about 45 min to an hour of riding in the dark, it was good to set up camp.

The guy at the small building with the electronic gate of the camp at 720 Seashore drive was incredibly kind. I let him know I am not looking for any water or other utility hookup and am just looking for a spot to throw up my hammock to sleep. He thought and thought to try and think of a good spot where it wouldn’t even cost me. Calling another co-worker to come down and to ask her opinion, we traded stories as we waited. She ended up checking with her boss and leading me to a spot I could stay fairly close to the bath house and bathroom for free! Thank you so much Seashore Campsites!

This was written from a McDonald’s within walking distance of the OCEAN! Stay tuned! A lot of exciting things have already happened today! 😀




4 thoughts on “Family and Friends (Day 6-7)”

  1. Josh,

    I hate to say it but I’m jealous. Very jealous and think I want to do this with you but on bigger mopeds or even motorcycles. I’m looked at hammocks today and found some apparently good deals on Amazon but didn’t order them. L

    Happy for you.

    Mom and I wonder if you talked to Jim bower yet? No pressure but don’t put him off too long only because we said you would be calling him. If not that’s fine but let me know so I can convey that to him.

    Love you bud,



  2. Oh, Josh… I am loving your blog! So exciting to see through your eyes (with or without pictures). I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing where God leads through this great adventure! Love and prayers.


  3. I’m enjoying reading your blog each day. Cold??? Maybe you better head back to Michigan. 🙂 Perfect late summer days here (although it’s getting dark TOO early).


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