11 1/2 hours of driving! (Day 5)

Waking up at the Super 8 was exciting for a few different reasons; all my electronics were charged, there was free breakfast, and I was within, what I considered, to be driving range of my sister’s place. Only a few mountain passes to cross. I got this.

After eating a very hearty breakfast, I asked the gentleman at the front desk what route he would suggest as 50 east had been the absolute worst! While I was on it, I highly questioned whether I would get pulled over if a cop were to see me while I was driving along the shoulder. The gentleman at the front was shocked hearing I had drove from Michigan and reassured me that 50 East changed to a regular back road and would be an excellent choice. He was soooo right. It was the most beautiful route yet.

Being a Saturday, there was very little traffic and I was sooo thankful for that. I didn’t have one semi pass me while going 20 mph up this very steep mountains. Here is some video.

I saw so many other bikers as I got into Pennsylvania enjoying these mountain roads and almost everyone gave me the biker wave. There were a few signs that I tried to get but didn’t quite take the picture in time showing the 9 degree grade down for miles. Other sections showed the truck speed as 20 mph going down, and other signs showing how they absolutely had to pull over if they were over a certain weight and check the brakes first. The cars were all going around 45. Going down I was able to keep up and beat most vehicles down by cruising around those hairpin turns. It was awesome!

I also learned that my moped makes a funny noise when it is getting close to 50 mph.

50 East ended up changing back to a super highway and I hopped on 220 North to 30 East. I decided I was absolutely done with this highway business. Even IF I was able to go 65 with traffic, the view and scenery was so boring compared to these other back roads.

Coming down these mountain passes, there were really neat gas station halfway down that were full service and had a restaurant in the general store/gas station/diner. It was really odd to me the different items for sale in this building that wanted to be everything.


The pics of the store itself are definitely worth zooming in on! And of course I bought a excellent fresh apple dumpling made from the older ladies behind the counter before I continued down the mountain.

I made it to Maryland and got some more good pics.


After meeting up with some other bikers and having them ask if I wanted to join their ride, I politely declined as I would not be able to keep up. When I came out from my bite to eat at the Chat and Chew Restaurant it was back on the road!


Here are a few more pictures of the awesome climbs and descents. 20160910_12112720160910_121445

All smiles while going down!

I would love to re-ride this road on a bike that can climb up these hills at 55 and go faster downhill. Can it be done on a moped, yes. Should it be done on a moped, no. (Going so slowly up, if there happens to be traffic, with the tiny shoulder, is not the best!)

Pushing ahead and getting closer every minute, the roads leveled out and stayed absolutely stunning. Passing the Amish in their buggies and soaking in the countryside with the mountains in the distance, the riding was still delightfully entertaining. My bottom would occasionally get sore and I have a few different riding positions I’ll have to show in a later post to help any stiffness!

Continuing through the small towns with their unique stores kept a smile on my face. It is so nice to see Starbucks, McDonald’s, and other big business not yet being able to reach their hand in and take away from the culture and diversity of the area with their branding and business plans.



As I continued up 75 with a detour to 850 East and eventually through Harrisburg on 230 East, the darkness began to set in. Only a little bit farther! Riding at night is not good, lots of bugs and it is unsafe getting over with low visibility of debris on shoulder. But I made it! 20160910_201926

What an adventure!






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