Highways and byways (Day 2)

Waking up nice and early to another gorgeous day, I ate my granola bar and set off to meet my brother and sister in law near Cincinnati. Google maps said it wasn’t going to be too long and had a few different options avoiding the highway using Route 27. As I proceeded along, this route 27 changed into as much of a highway as I have ever seen. From the 55 mph side road, route 27 morphed and evolved into what I considered a super highway. The speed got bumped up to 60 mph, it became a two lane, one way with exit signs and exits every mile or so.  The opposite direction was two lanes with the same conditions! Come on Google! I immediately got off and plotted a less direct side route.

The road was sweet again with the bike humming along and quickly crossing into Ohio. 20160907_084410.jpg It was very similar to Indiana with large farm silos and more time to think.

Cruising through the small towns was always a welcome change of scenery and I would keep an eye out for a coffee shop or small county store where I could get something unique or special to the area that I am not used to. There were a few times that I noticed a old coca cola sign and thought about seeing if you could walk in and be handed a glass bottle of coke. Not from a machine and not by special request. Just by going into an old-timey general store and the old glass bottle being the regular. Maybe some licorice in a glass container.


With my brothers place waiting for me, I pushed on. Getting closer and closer to Cincinnati. I was surprised going by all the corn and soy bean fields with the different signs that were posted up showing what was treating the different crops. There were signs for “Asgrow” and a handful of others too. A quick google of “asgrow” will tell you more about it.

The scenery in the South of Ohio changed a good bit with more hills and trees. I spoke with a few people asking recommendations as to which routes to take for a slower ride into Cincinnati. The other route that I looked at was 127. It was just fine for a good stretch before booming into a fast paced double lane one way super highway! Stopping at Greenville to fill up my tank with 2 dollars, one of the cashiers recommendations was 127. (This was after I explained that my moped is what I am driving and it’s top speed.)

Out google maps came for a quick study session. While the cashier didn’t recommend any other route she did mention that 127 does go back down to a 2 way 55mph road at Eaton. I plotted my course and took a beautiful extra scenic 503 South to Eaton. A few of the hills where hard on the moped and my top speed dropped dramatically. Thankfully the fairly quiet roads didn’t cause for dangerous driving.20160907_122305

20160907_134811 The weather was warm and I was close to Cincinnati. After another stop and some serious map planning and a bonus bunch of miles around the west side of Cincinnati, I found my entrance to the city.

Good bye quaint little scenic drives, hello big city. Coming in did have some breathtaking views of the skyline and thankfully it was nowhere near rush hour.20160907_143327.jpg

20160907_185113.jpg Meeting with my brother and sister in law was a wonderful stop and I even got to cruise around the city in style in his convertible.

P.S. With the general bumps in the road along the way I noticed that my moped started to sound louder! After examining the muffler, it has cracked and will need to be welded or I’ll sound much more like a Harley.  : /

Time for bed, hope you guys enjoyed!

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