A moped adventure! (Pre-Trip)

Ever since I first owned my moped, I always loved cruising around on it. Much to the slight concern of my parents, it is going to be the vehicle for the cruise South! Attached is a picture to help get a rough idea of my route while avoiding the highways, and my Bintelli moped with just over 9,000 miles. It is a 50cc and the maximum speed is right around 40 mph. This will be an interesting trip!

Screenshot (4)

The stops in Kentucky and Pennsylvania are for visiting family, and housing will vary from wild hammock camping to couch surfing! I plan to take LOTS of pictures and keep you up to date on all the fun times!


Will I break down? Maybe. Will it most certainly be an exciting adventure? You better believe it.  Depending on how far I get each day and interesting sites along the way, the first part of this journey to Florida will be at least 10 days.

Upon arriving in Miami I am looking into purchasing a ticket to Costa Rica for a couple months to work on my Spanish and keep exploring! For the benefit of my fine readers and my own personal experience, the ticket will not be purchased before arriving to Florida. There may be a boat that I will try and hitchhike/work for a ride or other exciting options! Stay tuned!


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